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Pharmaceutical Sciences Associate Professor David Sanchez, PhD, with MSPS student Buyuan He.


Research is a central part of the College of Pharmacy’s mission. College of Pharmacy faculty are active in the scholarship of research, and actively encourage student participation in their research endeavors.

MSPS Student Kevin Ventocilla works with his advisor, Assoiciate Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences Dr. David Sanchez, to analyze the outcomes of an experiment that shows the how different HIV genes can manipulate an immune response against the virus. *Photographed for a COP story on research diversity.

Areas of Focus The College’s research can be grouped into a multiple areas of interest

– Cardiovascular Medicine
– Geriatrics
– Immunology and Infectious Disease
– Oncology
– Pharmaceutics
– Translational Research
– Diabetes and Metabolic Syndrome
– Health Economics and Clinical Outcomes
– Neuroscience
– Pharmacogenomics
– Toxicology



Members of the College of Pharmacy belong to Faculty for Autism Collaboration and Education (FACE). Such resources foster interprofessional research and development of said research into commercially-viable solutions to modern medical problems.