Harriet K. and Philip Pumerantz Library

ACP-PIER and AHFS DI Essentials

Database URL: http://proxy.westernu.edu/login?url=http://online.statref.com/TOC.aspx?grpalias=WUHSL&FxId=92


Description: Decision-support tool designed for rapid point-of-care delivery of evidence-based guidance for physicians. Modules focus on the diagnosis and treatment of diseases. AHFS DI® Essentials is designed to offer health professionals easy access to knowledge that is critical at the point of care. Essentials monographs draw on the meticulously evidence-based guidelines in the full AHFS DI® database, distilling for the health professional the essential information on prescription and key over-the-counter (OTC) drugs in an easy-to-use, highly structured outline format.


Access: Western University of Health Sciences authorized users only. Remote access via the proxy server available for currently enrolled students, faculty, and staff of Western University.


Provider: Stat!Ref



  • Diseases
  • Screening and Prevention
  • Complementary and Alternative Medicine
  • Ethical and Quality Measures
  • Drug Resources