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Students from COMP-Northwest are involved in a wide variety of clubs.  If you would like to join or learn more about a club send an e-mail to the club’s address below:

American College of Osteopathic Family Physicians ACOFPclubLebanon@westernu.edu
Promotes the training of osteopathic family physicians and provides a better understanding of the scope of services rendered by the osteopathic family physician.

Christian Medical Missions Fellowship CMMFclubLebanon@westernu.edu
For believers in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, to meet together, to pray for each other, to pray for our school, to pray for medical mission trips around the world, and to discuss, share, and organize medical mission trips when possible and when opportunities arise.

Complements Club ComplementsClubLebanon@westernu.edu
Complements is a club for spouses/significant others of WesternU’s students. The purpose of the club is to provide support for each other, medical students and our community.

Emergency Medicine Interest Group EMclubLebanon@westernu.edu
Promotes the interest and education of students in emergency and wilderness medicine and exposes them to a variety of common emergencies. Students will be exposed to practical procedures they can use in their third and fourth years. Instruction and practice will be provided of invaluable techniques necessary in the field of emergency medicine.

Equality Alliance EAclub@westernu.edu
To provide a save and friendly atmosphere for all straight and lgbt members of the school to socialize, connect and conduct projects to further openness and acceptance for all members of the lgbt, and to further understanding of the diversity of lifestyles and gender interpretations.

Global Health Club GHCclubLebanon@westernu.edu
The purpose of this club is to promote global health awareness and activities through an emphasis on the interdependence of health of the globe and health of the people.

Gold Humanism Honor Society GHHSclubLebanon@westernu.edu
To recognize individuals who are exemplars of humanistic patient care and who can serve as role models, mentors, and leaders in medicine. GHHS honors medical students, residents, fellows, role-model physicians, teachers, and others who demonstrate excellence in humanistic clinical care, leadership, compassion, and dedication to serve. Membership in the GHHS goes beyond selection and induction into an honor society; its members have a responsibility to model, support, and advocate for compassionate, patient-centered care throughout their careers.

Internal Medicine Club IMCClubLebanon@westernu.edu
To promote interest and awareness of internal medicine as a specialty.

Medical Spanish Language Club MSLclubLebanon@westernu.edu
To promote unity in the local community, bridging the gap between the Spanish-speaking community in Oregon and the students at the medical school. Club outreach includes participating in local health fairs and promoting Spanish language and culture in the University. Students will be exposed to Spanish-based health programs, incorporating Spanish language and the basic medical care that they have learned in the first two years of medical school.

Military Medical Student Association MMSAclub@westernu.edu
MMSA is open to all students regardless of military affiliation. Those students on military scholarships will have the opportunity to join student chapters of the Association of Military Osteopathic Physicians and Surgeons (AMOPS) and the Uniformed Services Academy of Family Physicians (USAFP). The primary goals of the club are to: provide information concerning rotations, internships and residencies in military facilities, provide information concerning the practice of osteopathic medicine and family practice medicine within the armed forces, to provide information concerning life and opportunities in the military in general.

OB/GYN Club OBGYNClubLebanon@westernu.edu
To promote the interest and education of students in obstetrics and gynecology and to be a resource for students who wish to pursue a career in this field.

Pipeline to Health Careers PHCclubLebanon@westernu.edu
To give the youth of today the tools essential to attain their full academic potential. To help students develop and strengthen a passion for science, and inspire them to seek careers in the health professions. To help students see their promise as successful and effective professionals. The Pipeline to Health Careers (PHC) will engage the 6th grade students of greater Lebanon with presentations of the “Linkage Academy”, a series of interactive, scientific workshops covering topics such as healthy living, exercise regimens, nutrition, hygiene and microbiology, and other health career related topics.

Recreation and Networking Club RecreationClubLebanon@westernu.edu
To promote socialization among the students at WesternU through recreational activities. Activities of the Recreation Networking Club (RNC) may include ping pong tournaments, volleyball tournaments, clothes and food drives, welcome parties, field trips and nature hikes.

Research Club ResearchclubLebanon@westernu.edu
To provide students the opportunity to conduct research at COMP-Northwest and to learn about current research.

Rural Health Club RHclubLebanon@westernu.edu
The mission of the clubs is to create a community of rural scholars and develop space for students to understand the opportunities and challenges of providing healthcare in rural locations. Students will be introduced to the unique situations that may arise while practicing in rural locations as well as developing an understanding as to how to be successful in a rural practice.

Sigma Sigma Phi SSpclubLebanon@westernu.edu
This fraternity provides service to the university and profession and is the official National Osteopathic Honors Fraternity. We promote educational programs for the entire student body and participation in community projects, health fairs, high school athletic physicals and blood pressure checks.

Society for Medical & Bioethics SMBClubLebanon@westernu.edu
To create a forum where non-experts, students of WesternU COMP-Northwest, can express and hear comments and opinions that supplement and give a perspective to our scientific and osteopathic education, this providing a framework for evaluating the tough medical decisions that lie ahead in our professional careers.

Sports Medicine Club SMclubLebanon@westernu.edu
Our mission is to provide opportunities for students to expand their knowledge of sports medicine and to share and apply their knowledge of sports medicine within the local community. The club will facility group discussion of research articles, create opportunities to shadow sports medicine professionals, and offer guest speakers that are experts in the field. In addition, members will have the opportunity to do presentation on sports medicine related topics at local high schools. 

Student American Academy of Osteopathy SAAOclubLebanon@westernu.edu
Promotes the instruction and understanding of unique osteopathic principles and technique through guest lectures on manipulative therapy and the osteopathic philosophy. 

Student Inerest Group in Neurology SIGNclubLebanon@westernu.edu
To better inform COMP-Northwest students on the opportunities that await them in the field of neurology by providing education about neurosciences and the duties of neurologists, with the ultimate result of students being better prepared to enter their neurology rotations so they can decide if the field is suited for them.

Student Osteopathic Medical Association SOMAclubLebanon@westernu.edu
To promote osteopathic ideals and unity within the profession, to educate future osteopathic physicians, and to establish and maintain lines of communication among healthcare professionals in an ongoing effort to improve the quality of patient care. SOMA activities may include guest lectures, blood pressure screenings, blood drive promotion, community outreach, etc.

Student Osteopathic Surgical Association SOSAclubLebanon@westernu.edu
Provides opportunities for all students to learn about surgery as a career and help students develop basic skills for their clinical rotations. Activities include operating room shifts for all interested students and procedure workshops including suturing, casting, central lines, chest tubes and lumbar puncture. 

Ultrasound Club UltrasoundclubLebanon@westernu.edu
To enhance the medical curriculum and educate students on basic use and application clinically of ultrasound. Ultrasound use in bothe the hospital and private practice has been increasing as its mobility, safety, and rapid dynamic images prove beneficial. We aim to teach basic ultrasound techniques, expore its use in various specialties, and expand students skills and confidence in use. We hope to also educate and interact with the community.

If you’re interested in starting a new club:  The next time the Student Organization Committee will consider new club applications is January 2015. Applications will be reviewed in early February (2015) and you can expect to hear the committee’s decision by mid-February. Contact COMP-Northwest Student Affairs (studentaffairsor@westernu.edu) for more information or to request an application.