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Frequently Asked Questions for Fitness Reimbursements – Oregon

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 Fitness Benefits: Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join SamFit?

Select SamFit when you register for classes, but if you decline the option and change your mind, e-mail jkersey@westernu.edu with your student ID number  – DO NOT try to re-register.

How much does SamFit a membership cost?

Student memberships are $230.00 a year which will be charged to your student account

 Can my family member join too?

Yes. Your first family add on is $15.00 a month, and additional family members are $10.00 a month. Speak to your SamFit representative regarding family memberships

 Do I have to join SamFit by a certain date to receive the benefit from WesternU?

Yes, you will need to join the gym no later than September 1st 

Do I have to join SamFit?

No, joining a gym is not a requirement

 How do I qualify for the $100 reimbursement from WesternU?

To receive a reimbursement from WesternU you must have proof of an active gym membership (not at SamFit) for the entire academic year (at least 10 months between July 1 and  June 30)

Does my family member receive a reimbursement from WesternU too?

No. The reimbursement offer is for students only