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Anandi Law, B.Pharm, MS, PhD, FAPhA

Anandi Law, B.Pharm, MS, PhD, FAPhA

Associate Dean, Assessment

College of Pharmacy

Phone: 909-469-5645

  • Education

    B.Pharm 1988
    University of Bombay (Mumbai), India

    MS 1993
    The Ohio State University

    Ph.D. 1998
    The Ohio State University

  • Research Interest

    My research interests are:

    1. Improving medication use outcomes for patients using pharmacist interventions,
    2. Development and validation of patient-reported outcome measures (PROs),
    3. Educational assessment and outcomes
    4. Leadership, self-awareness, grit, and the growth mindset in student pharmacists

    My focus is on disseminating information to the profession, the health care community at large, and policymakers via publications and professional networks. These areas of interest are a synergy of my training in health outcomes with my background as a pharmacist.

  • Research Grant
    1. “To examine the Impact of a Modified Drug Adherence Work Up (M-DRAW) Tool to improve Patients' Medication Adherence by identifying and Addressing Potential Barriers." PI: AV Law. Extramural Award from CSP Rx. Amount of award: $25,000. Award Period: 2015-2020 “Establishment of pharmacist services in ACOs.” PI: AV Law and D Robinson. Extramural grant from Blue Shield of California.Status: Funded as a contract 2016-2019, $20,000 per year.
    2. Establishment of CPESN-CA with the ACT. PI: Ron Jordan. Role as data and research manager. Grant from The Community Pharmacy Foundation. $60,000. Funded 2019-2021.

  • Publications

    Selected Recent Publications:

    Pharmacist Services

    1. Amanda R. Mercadante, Mai Yokota, Angela Hwang, Anandi V. Law. Choosing Evolution over Extinction: Integrating Direct Patient Care Services and Value-Based Payment Models into the Community-Based Pharmacy Setting. Pharmacy 2020, 8, 128: doi:10.3390/pharmacy8030128.

    2. Amanda Applegate, Anne Burns, Jean-Venable “Kelly” R. Goode, Anandi V. Law, James A. Owen, Golden L. Peters, Christian Tadurs and Ashley Van Allen. Expert Panel Report. APhA Practice Perspectives Report: Credentialing in the Pharmacy Profession – An Overview of the Current Environment. May 2020.

    3. Sun Lee, Micah Hata and Anandi V. Law. Credentialing in Pharmacy Practice: Examining Pharmacist Views and Perceptions. Innovations in Pharmacy. Vol 10 No 4 (2019). DOI:

    Patient Reported Outcomes and Pharmacoeconomics

    4. Roosan D, Law AV, Karim M, Roosan M. Improving Team-Based Decision Making Using Data Analytics and
    Informatics: Protocol for a Collaborative Decision Support Design, JMIR Res Protoc 2019;8(11):e16047, DOI: 10.2196/16047, PMID: 31774412

    5. Roosan D, Li Y, Law AV, Truong H, Karim M, Chok J, Roosan M. Improving Medication Information Presentation Through Interactive Visualization in Mobile Apps: Human Factors Design. JMIR Mhealth Uhealth 2019;7(11):e15940. URL: DOI:10.2196/15940; PMID: 31763991

    6. Sun Lee, Yuna H. Bae-Shaaw, Hyma Gogineni, Marcia M. Worley and Anandi V. Law. Triple strength utility of the Modified Drug Adherence Work-Up (M-DRAW) tool in a veterans affairs outpatient diabetes clinic. Research in Social and Administrative Pharmacy.

    Methodology Related

    7. Emmanuelle Schwartzman, Sun Lee, Eunice P. Chung, Anandi V. Law. Assessing communication skills in student pharmacists—Psychometric validation of Global Communication Rubric. Patient Education and Counseling.

    8. Margarita Echeverri, Elizabeth Unni, Spencer E. Harpe, Jan Kavookjian, Fadi Alkhateeb, Gladys Ekong, and Anandi Law (2018) A Revised Scale of Cultural Competence Curriculum in Pharmacy Education: A Multi-School Validation Trial. American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education e-View.

    Scholarship of Teaching

    9. Malcom Daniel, et al. Appropriateness of Term Limits for Administrative Appointments in Pharmacy Programs American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education, accepted for publication to AJPE.

    10. Scale of Cultural Competence Curriculum in Pharmacy Education: A Multi-School Validation Trial. American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education e-View.

    11. Hoffman, J. Overview of a co-curricular professional development program in a college of pharmacy. Currents in Pharmacy Teaching and Learning (2017),

    Scholarship of Service

    12. Diane B. Ginsburg, Anandi V. Law, Henry Mann, Laura Palombi, W. Thomas Smith, Hoai-An Truong, Lucio R. Volino, and Jeffrey O. Ekoma. AACP REPORT Report of the 2018-2019 Strategic Engagement Standing Committee American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education. Accepted to AJPE.

    13. Jennifer L. Adams and Anandi Law (2017). Strategic Plan Priority 1: Enriching the Applicant Pipeline. American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education: Volume 81, Issue 1, Article S1.

    14. Anandi V. Law, Michelle M. Bottenberg, Anna H. Brozick, Jay D. Currie, Margarita V. DiVall, Stuart T. Haines, Christene Jolowsky, Cynthia P. Koh-Knox, Golda Anne Leonard, Stephanie J. Phelps, Deepa Rao, Andrew Webster, Elizabeth Yablonski. A Checklist for the Development of Faculty Mentorship Programs. AJPE Volume 78, Issue 5, 2014: Article 98.

    15. Cynthia A. Jackevicius, Jennifer Le, Lama Nazer, Karl Hess, Jeffrey Wang, Anandi V. Law. A Formal Mentorship Program for Faculty Development. AJPE. Volume 78, Issue 5, 2014: Article 100.