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Anandi Law, B.Pharm, MS, PhD, FAPhA

Anandi Law, B.Pharm, MS, PhD, FAPhA

Associate Dean, Assessment and Professor of Pharmacy Practice and Administration

College of Pharmacy

Phone: 909-469-5645

  • Education

    B.Pharm 1988
    University of Bombay (Mumbai), India

    MS 1993
    The Ohio State University

    Ph.D. 1998
    The Ohio State University

  • Research Interest

    My research interests are:

    1. Improving medication use outcomes for patients using pharmacist interventions,
    2. Development and validation of patient-reported outcome measures (PROs),
    3. Educational assessment and outcomes
    4. Leadership, self-awareness, grit, and the growth mindset in student pharmacists

    My focus is on disseminating information to the profession, the health care community at large, and policymakers via publications and professional networks. These areas of interest are a synergy of my training in health outcomes with my background as a pharmacist.

  • Research Grant
    1. “To examine the Impact of a Modified Drug Adherence Work Up (M-DRAW) Tool to improve Patients' Medication Adherence by identifying and Addressing Potential Barriers." PI: AV Law. Extramural Award from CSP Rx. Amount of award: $25,000. Award Period: 2015-2020 “Establishment of pharmacist services in ACOs.” PI: AV Law and D Robinson. Extramural grant from Blue Shield of California.Status: Funded as a contract 2016-2019, $20,000 per year.
    2. Establishment of CPESN-CA with the ACT. PI: Ron Jordan. Role as data and research manager. Grant from The Community Pharmacy Foundation. $60,000. Funded 2019-2021.

  • Publications

    Pharmacist Services

    1. Vaffis S, Patel M, Potisarach P, Warholak T, Law A, Comparison of the properties of the English and Spanish versions of the Patient Satisfaction with Pharmacist Services Questionnaire 2.0, Journal of the American Pharmacists Association (2022), doi:
    2. Sun Lee, Prashant Sakharkar, Marcia Worley, Abby Kahaleh and Anandi V. Law. Comparing Mail Order Pharmacy and Community Pharmacy Users – Perceptions and Preferences. Accepted for publication by AHDB.
    3. A.R. Mercadante, S. Lee, K. Uh, A. Chau, U. Truong, A. Jeong, M. Hata, A.V. Law. Impact of adherence goal awareness intervention on PDC in various settings: Does awareness help modify medication-taking behavior?, Exploratory Research in Clinical and Social Pharmacy, Volume 4, 2021, 100072, ISSN 2667-2766,
    4. Amanda R. Mercadante, Mai Yokota, Angela Hwang, Anandi V. Law. Choosing Evolution over Extinction: Integrating Direct Patient Care Services and Value-Based Payment Models into the Community-Based Pharmacy Setting. Pharmacy 2020, 8, 128: doi:10.3390/pharmacy8030128.
    5. Dawoud, Dalia; Chen, Aleda M H; Rossing, Charlotte Verner; Garcia-Cardenas, Victoria; Law, Anandi V; Aslani, Parisa; Bates, Ian; Babar, Zaheer-Ud-Din; Desselle, Shane. Pharmacy practice research priorities during the COVID-19 pandemic: Recommendations of a panel of experts convened by FIP Pharmacy Practice Research Special Interest Group. Res Social Adm Pharm ; 2020 Aug 26.

    Patient Reported Outcomes and Community Engagement

    1. Amanda Mercadante and Anandi V. Law. Will They, or Won’t They? Examining Patients’ Vaccine Intention for Flu and COVID-19 using the Health Belief Model. Research in Social and Administrative Pharmacy. Volume 17, Issue 9, September 2021, Pages 1596-1605
    2. Sun Lee, Yuna H. Bae-Shaaw, Hyma Gogineni, Marcia M. Worley and Anandi V. Law. Triple strength utility of the Modified Drug Adherence Work-Up (M-DRAW) tool in a veterans affairs outpatient diabetes clinic. Research in Social and Administrative Pharmacy.

    Pharmacoeconomics and Informatics

    1. Roosan D, Law AV, Roosan M, Li Y. Artificial Intelligent Context Aware Machine Learning Tool to Detect Adverse Drug Events from Social Media Platforms. Journal of Medical Toxicology
    2. Kim, E., Baskys, A., Law, A.V. et al. Scoping review: the empowerment of Alzheimer’s Disease caregivers with mHealth applications. npj Digit. Med. 4, 131 (2021).
    3. Roosan D, Chok J, Karim M, Law AV, Baskys A, Hwang A, et al. Artificial Intelligence–Powered Smartphone App to Facilitate Medication Adherence: Protocol for a Human Factors Design Study. JMIR Res Protoc [Internet]. 2020 Nov 9;9(11):e21659. Available from:


    1. Amanda R. Mercadante, Chu V, Chen AMH, Wong JC, Khare MM and Law AV. COVID-19 Behavioral Questionnaire (CoBQ): Comparing the pandemic’s impact on health behavior in three US states. Accepted by Journal of American Colleges of Clinical Pharmacy. March 2022.
    2. Lieu E, Mercadante AR, Schwartzman E, Law AV. Transition of Care at WesternU Health: An Implementation Science Approach. RSAP (2021)

    Scholarship of Teaching and Service

    1. Daniel R. Malcom, Karen Farris, David J. Feola, Peter M. Gannett, Anandi V. Law, Katherine S. O’Neal, Francine D. Salinitri, Katherine Tromp and Annesha White Appropriateness of Term Limits for Administrative Appointments in Pharmacy Programs. American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education, December 2019, ajpe7462; DOI:
    2. Michelle Blakely, Elias Chahine, Roshni Emmons et al (Anandi V. Law senior author). AACP Faculty Affairs Standing Committee Report of Strategies for Faculty Self-Advocacy and Promotion. Accepted by American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education, 2022.
    3. Elizabeth Buckley, Ben Aronson, Heidi Anksorus et al (Anandi V. Law senior author). "Well-Being Content Inclusion in Pharmacy Education across the U.S. and Canada. Accepted by American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education, 2022.

    Book Chapters

    1. Anandi V. Law, BPharm, MS, PhD, FAPhA and Sun Lee, PharmD. Survey Research in Pharmacy Settings (Under Review) in Student Handbook for Pharmacy Practice Research: A Companion Book to Conduct Practice-Based Research in Pharmacy. Published by McGraw-Hill Education. Edited by Rajender R. Aparasu, PhD, FAPhA, John P. Bentley, RPh, PhD, FAPhA, FNAP, Adam N. Pate, PharmD, BCPS.§ionid=268399173
    2. Anandi V. Law, Micah Hata, David Sanchez and Donald Hsu. The Critical Role of Pharmacists in the Global COVID-19 PandemicChapter 13 in Contemporary Issues in Global Medicine and Moving Toward International Healthcare Equity. Nick Comninellis (University of Missouri-Kansas City, USA) and Steven D. Waldman (University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Medicine, USA) DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-8490-3. ISBN13: 9781799884903|ISBN10: 1799884902|EISBN13: 978179988491.
    3. Anandi V. Law, Marcia M. Worley, Chapter 3 - Use of common models to inform and design pharmacy and health services research, Editor(s): Shane P. Desselle, Victoria García-Cárdenas, Claire Anderson, Parisa Aslani, Aleda M.H. Chen, Timothy F. Chen, Contemporary Research Methods in Pharmacy and Health Services, Academic Press, 2022, Pages 37-47, ISBN 9780323918886, URL for book: