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Christine Tindal Green, BVSc, MRCVS

Christine Tindal Green, BVSc, MRCVS

Associate Professor, Small Animal Medicine & Surgery

College of Veterinary Medicine

Phone: 469-5689

Join year: August, 2006

  • Education

    Certificate of Veterinary Opthamology, Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons, UK 2000
    BVSc, University of Sydney, Sydney, Australia 1992

    Christine graduated from The University of Sydney with 1st Class honors in 1992. Following this she entered into small animal practice, with a particular interest in small animal internal medicine. This translated into a desire to learn more about the field of veterinary ophthalmology, which she pursued first in Australia and then in the UK. On receiving her certificate in Veterinary Ophthalmology, Christine returned predominantly to the field of internal medicine and an increasing interest in imaging, particularly in ultrasonography. Christine is now co-director and one of the chief instructors in the 3rd year on-campus internal medicine course, run in the veterinary hospital on campus.

  • Certification

    Certificate of Veterinary Ophthalmology, RCVS, UK, 2000

  • Teaching Experience

    Christine Tindal, BVSc, Cert.V.Ophthal, joined the CVM faculty in August 2006 as Associate Professor of Small Animal Medicine and Surgery. She is a PBL facilitator, content expert for Veterinary Ophthalmology and member of the Admissions and Scholastic Standing Committee. She is also currently receiving further training as a teacher's assistant in the field of Veterinary Ultrasonography.

    Christine accepted a position at the University of Sydney in 2003, teaching veterinary ophthalmology to the fourth year students. In 2005, again in the interests of furthering her love of internal medicine, Christine initiated her training in Veterinary ultrasonography, a skill she is now developing further at Western University. On joining Western University of Health Sciences in 2006, Christine left the world of clinical practice in the hope that some of her enthusiasm and love of veterinary science could be passed on to future graduating students.

  • Courses

    3rd year on-campus internal medicine course (Small Animal Practice II)

  • Philosophy

    "If I respect myself others may do the same. If I persevere I can succeed. If I give up I will fail. I can begin to solve problems if I share my ideas and feelings with those who wish to help. My future can be good if I work with others to make it that way. I cannot be perfect. I can only do my best. If I do my best good things can happen."
    -- Steve Hummel, teacher, 2006

  • Research Interest

    Searching for possible markers which might allow students that struggle in 3rd year internal medicine to be identified in their first and second years, and thus assisted.

  • Awards

    In 2000 she was awarded the Certificate in Veterinary Ophthalmology by the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons, UK.

  • Narrative

    Christine has a real passion for veterinary science and in particular, for clinical practice. Her personal motto is "you can never learn too much about veterinary medicine". In her spare time, Christine likes spending time with her family camping, kayaking, hiking and the occasional scuba diving.