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David Ilki Min, PharmD, MS, FCCP, FASHP

David Ilki Min, PharmD, MS, FCCP, FASHP

Professor of Pharmacy Practice and Administration

College of Pharmacy

Phone: 909-469-5602

  • Education

    1989 University of Minnesota

    1987 University of MInnesota

    Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy
    1975 Seoul National University

  • Education Experience

    1989 Research Fellowship
    University of Minnesota Hospitals and Clinics, Minneapolis Minnesota
    2 year Research Fellowship specialized in Organ Transplantation

  • Work Site

    St. Vincent Hospital
    2131 W. Third Street
    Los Angeles, CA 90057
    (213) 484-7419

  • Research Interest

    My Research and Clinical Practice are in the area of kidney or kidney/pancreas transplantation pharmacotherapy. I am interested in achieving the optimal pharmacotherapy outcomes in these patient groups by pharmacokinetic, pharmacodynamic and pharmacogenomic research.

  • Publications

    Chang Y, Shah T, Min DI. Association of Genetic Polymorphisms of Macrophage Inhibitory Factor (MIF) and B-cell activating factor (BAFF) with the detection of Donor Specific Antibodies in Kidney Allograft Recipients. Human Immunology, June 15, 2017.

    Cicciarelli JC, Lemp N, Chang Y, Koss M, Hacke K, Kasahara N, Burns K, Min D, Naraghi R and Shah T. Renal Transplant Patients Biopsied for Cause and Tested for C4d, DSA, IgG Subclasses, and C1q: Which Humoral Markers Improve Diagnosis and Outcomes," Journal of Immunology Research, January 15, 2017 (article #1652931, on-line publication)

    Chang Y, Shah T, Yang JW, Min DI “Association of genetic polymorphisms of angiopoietin-like 4 with proteinuria in kidney allograft recipients” Transplant Immunology, Nov.19, 2016 (on-line publication)
    Chang Y, Shah T, Min DI, Yang JW “Clinical Risk Factors Associated with Early Post-Transplant Anemia in Kidney Transplant Patients” Transplant Immunology 2016;38:50-53.

    Vu D, Shah T, Ansari J, Naraghi R, Min D. Efficacy of intravenous immunoglobulin in the treatment of persistent BK viremia and BK virus nephropathy in renal transplant recipients. Transplant Proc 2015;47(2):394-398.

    Vu D, Shah T, Ansari J, Sakharkar P, Yasir Q, Naraghi R, Hutchinson I, Min DI. Interferon-gamma gene polymorphism +874A/T is associated with an increased risk of cytomegalovirus infection among Hispanic renal transplant recipients. Transplant Infect Dis 2014;16(5):724-32.

    Vu D, Sakharkar P, Shah T, Naraghi R, Yasir Q, Hutchinson IV, Min DI. Association of Interferon-γ Cytokine Gene Polymorphisms with BK Virus Nephropathy in a Hispanic Renal Allograft Recipients. Transplantation, 2014;97:660-667 (March 27, 2014)

    Vu D, Tellez-Corrales E, Shah T, Hutchinson IV, Min DI. Influence of Cyclooxygenase-2 (COX-2) gene promoter-1195 and allograft inflammatory factor-1 (AIF-1) polymorphism on allograft outcome in Hispanic Kidney Transplant Recipients. Human Immunology, 2013;74:1386-1391.