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Eunice Chung, BS, PharmD

Eunice Chung, BS, PharmD

Associate Dean, Curricular Affairs and Associate Professor, Pharmacy Practice and Administration

College of Pharmacy

Phone: 909-469-5555

  • Education

    BS 1992 University of California, Berkeley

    Pharm.D. 1997 University of California, San Francisco

  • Education Experience


    Pharmacy Practice 1998 St. Louis University Hospital

  • Research Interest

    Current research interests are scholarship of teaching, including innovative teaching and assessment methods. Clinical research interests in the area of preventive cardiology and tobacco cessation.

  • Publications

    Woods TM, Acosta R, Chung EP, Cox AG, Garcia GA, Klucken JR, Chisolm-Burns M. Academic freedom should be redefined: point and counterpoint. Am J of Pharmacy Education 2016;80(9):1-5.

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    Schwartzmann E, Hsu DI, Law AV, Chung EP. Assessment of patient communication skills during OSCE: Examining effectiveness of a training program in minimizing inter-grader variability. Patient Educ. Couns 2011;83(3):472–477.

    Matten P, Morrison V, Rutledge DN, Chen T, Chung EP, Wong SF. Evaluation of tobacco cessation classes aimed at hospital staff nurses. Oncol Nurs Forum 2011;38(1):67-73.

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    Chung EP, Hwang HJ, Kim MK. Evaluation of non-English dietary supplement advertisements in an ethnic minority community. Public Health Nutrition 2007;10(8):834-837.

    Nguyen M, Chung EP. Telithromycin: the first ketolide antimicrobial. Clinical Therapeutics 2005;27(8):1144-1163.