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Helen Engelke, BVSc, MPVM, MRCVS

Helen Engelke, BVSc, MPVM, MRCVS

Assistant Professor, Veterinary Public Health

College of Veterinary Medicine

Phone: 469-6618

Join year: September, 2006

  • Education

    She graduated with a Bachelor of Veterinary Science in 1990 from the University of Liverpool and began her professional career as a State Veterinary Officer in Trinidad & Tobago whilst also working part time in a private small animal clinic. During this time Dr. Engelke developed a true passion for public health and epidemiology. With the aid of a Pan American Health Organization Fellowship she graduated with a Masters in Preventive Veterinary Medicine (MPVM) from UC Davis (CA, USA) in 1994 where her emphasis was Public Health. She subsequently returned to Trinidad and Tobago and worked as Deputy Director and then acting Director of the Veterinary Public Health Unit of the Ministry of Health. She balanced these governmental responsibilities with a part time lectureship at the College of Health Sciences, in the National Institute of Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology, concentrating on educating future public health inspectors in Food Safety issues related to foods of animal origin.

  • Professional Experience

    Dr. Engelke was fortunate to have exposure to many non traditional roles that veterinarians can have as health care professionals from public health policy development, legislative reform in public health, working with international agencies - PAHO, OIE, CARICOM, technically advising the Minister of Health on all issues related to zoonotic disease and developing a national food safety plan. It was with these passions and an understanding of the dynamic role that future veterinarians will play in public health that she came to Western University College of Veterinary Medicine.

  • Teaching Experience

    Dr. Engelke joined the faculty in September 2006 as an Assistant Professor in Veterinary Public Health. She is a PBL facilitator, a course contributor in Veterinary Issues, a Course Director for the Phase II on campus Veterinary Public Health Rotation and a 4th year Rotation Administrator.

  • Philosophy

    My personal teaching philosophy is simply stated an extension of my life philosophy:

    Be passionate, create passion in others
    Be kind, see kindness unfold in others
    Work hard and watch others do the same
    And most importantly
    Have fun and watch others smile.

    Oh and don't get too upset at American spelling!

  • Research Interest

    •Outcomes assessment in PBL Curriculums.
    •Occupational Health with specific interest in suicide rates in Health Professionals.
    •Emerging Bat Viruses.

  • Narrative

    Dr. Engelke came to us with a wealth of international cultural experiences, being born and spending her formative years in the United Kingdom while subsequently spending her teenage years in Trinidad & Tobago in the Caribbean.