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Josephine Franc, BS, RDH

Josephine Franc, BS, RDH

Assistant Professor

College of Dental Medicine

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    Assistant Professor, teaching both clinical and didactic lectures, as well as provided limited care to patients. Her primary focus is in preventative dentistry. She teaches CAMBRA, basic principles of saliva in the development of caries, non-surgical periodontal instrumentation, Oral Hygiene Instruction, and Nutritional counseling. The greater part of her clinical instruction is patient care via student¿s scaling and root planning procedures, preventive prophylactic periodontal procedures, and patient education. She is focused towards preparing dental students to be more aware of the preventative interventions in patients with patient education in personal patient oral home care, nutritional and preventative pharmaceutical recommendations, and utilizing CAMBRA process. Graduated Pasadena City College 1992, with A.S. degree in Dental Hygiene, where I received clinical training. Received B.S. degree from Loma Linda University in 2014, with an emphasis in higher education. Member of California Dental Hygienist Association, Tri-County society. Attends CAMBRA Coalition group, that focuses on how to best implement CAMBRA in education and private practice setting. Ms. Franc has joined WesternU CDM in 2010, where she began as staff, then was promoted to faculty in 2011, and promoted again to Assistant professor in 2016. Her professional experience includes 20 years in private practice in the general dentistry setting. At WesternU she has worked extensively with other faculty to improve patient education, and the CAMBRA process. She was also part of the team that helped develop student online study resource for armamentarium and delivery of local anesthesia.