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Louise Muscato, Ph.D.

Assistant Dean for Medical Education

College of Osteopathic Medicine of the Pacific - Northwest

E-Mail: lmuscato@westernu.edu

Phone: 541-259-0211 | Fax: 541-259-0201

Join year: 2011


  • Ph.D. in Public Health, Oregon State University, Corvallis, Oregon June 1992
  • Master of Education, Oregon State University, Corvallis, Oregon June 1978
  • Bachelor of Science in Health and Physical Education, James Madison University, Harrisonburg, Virginia June 1972 .
  • CHES (Certified Health Education Specialists) Seattle, Washington 1992

Professional Experience

Dr. Muscato has five years of experience directing and administering a 1.3 million dollar USAID international program which established medical and dental clinics in Ukraine. She oversaw the establishment of a women’s wellness center, a state-of-the-art rural family medicine clinic, a university based clinic to train family physicians and two dental clinics and school and community health programs. Muscato led the strategic and financial planning and reporting, travel logistics and purchasing of equipment. She coordinated the efforts of over one hundred Oregon and Ukrainian physicians, nurses and administrators, set-up performance goals and linkages to key government and medical partners. The resulting clinics and programs expanded capabilities and access to primary health care and health promotion and disease prevention programs to over one million Ukrainians. The program received the top “Innovation in Healthcare Award” from Sister Cities International.

Additionally, Dr. Muscato directed two state-wide health promotion, disease prevention programs for the Health Department of Western Australia in the areas of HIV/AIDS and smoking. Throughout the projects she worked with schools, was liaison to community groups and organized educational seminars for health care providers. Louise organized TV and print media marketing, production of educational materials, distribution of campaign merchandise, sport sponsorship, community outreach events and development of national, state and local tobacco policies. Results for the youth tobacco prevention campaign included implementation of strict new policies and laws, a reduction in tobacco sales to minors and overall decrease in tobacco use by minors.

As a Professor of Public Health at the University level in the U.S. and Australia, Muscato developed and taught graduate courses in Bioethics, Epidemiology-Health Data Analysis, Health Promotion and Disease Prevention, International Health, Program Planning, Contemporary Health Issues-Health Policy, Chronic Diseases and Child and Adolescent Health, and undergraduate courses in Government Policy, AIDS and Sexually Transmitted Diseases, Consumer Health, Exercise and Weight Management, Lifetime Wellness and Social and Individual Determinants of Health. In addition she developed the Health Care Administration courses and internship as part of a business degree program in Health Care Administration.

As the Assistant Dean for Medical Education at the College of Osteopathic Medicine of the Pacific-Northwest, Western University, Dr. Muscato was actively involved in the launch of the pre-clinical and clinical education at the second COMP site. Muscato is the COMP course director for Service Learning I & II and Physician and Society I & II. She serves on the Coast to Cascade Wellness Coalition, Linn County Oral Health Coalition, HEART Board (Homeless Enrichment, Rehabilitation Team), and oversees multiple student led and other community service projects.

Muscato led international conferences and seminars, directed challenging projects, and created collaboration and consensus within diverse teams. She delivered over 100 professional presentations to healthcare professionals, educators, students, and community members, in the U.S., Australia and Ukraine. She has written numerous publications. Course Director for Physician and Society I & II and Service Learning I & II

Assistant Dean for Medical Education, Western University of Health Sciences College of Osteopathic Medicine of the Pacific-Northwest. 2011 - Present

Curriculum Consultant. Corban University, Salem Oregon. Developed Online Healthcare Administration Degree Program as part of a Business Degree Program. Courses included: Introduction to Healthcare Administration, Legal and Ethical Aspects of Health Information Management, Health Information Management, and Healthcare Management Internship Program. Developed and taught General Psychology. 2010

Adjunct Professor. CorbanCollege, Salem Oregon. Developed taught honors course inGovernment and Policy Development. 2007

Program Director and Principal Investigatorof a four year, 1.3 million dollar project to develop Primary Health Care in Transcarpathia Ukraine funded by United States Agency for International Development (see http://www.aiha.com). 1999 – 2004 Project components include school and community health initiatives, establishment of a university-based family medicine training clinic, development of a model rural family medicine clinic that will serve as a model for all of Ukraine, development of a women’s wellness clinic, development of three dental clinics, Ukrainian-wide tobacco prevention campaign, and the retraining of physicians, nurses and school health educators. Primary responsibilities included: Strategic planning, implementation, evaluation and reporting. Speaking, conducting research, presenting and publishing project results.

Assistant Professor. Western Oregon University. Teaching graduate courses in public health and health education including; Bioethics, International Health, Epidemiology, Contemporary Health Issues and Child and Adolescent Health. Assisted in the developed of the graduate program in Health Education. 2000 – 2003

Faculty. Linn- Benton Community College, Department of Health and Human Performance. Responsibilities included: instructor of health education and fitness courses, curriculum development, educational reform committee, curricular issues committee, development of LBCC transfer and articulation program for Health Promotion/Education majors with Oregon State University and other four year universities, and accreditation committee. High marks from student and faculty evaluations. 1994 – 1999

Principal Investigator for the Oregon State Department of Human Resources, evaluation of the tobacco retailer’s response to the implementation of the Synar Amendment in the State of Oregon. Responsibilities included: development of survey instrument, training interviewers, survey design, data analysis, and dissemination of research findings. 1994 - 1997

Program Planner, Campaign Coordinator, and Education Specialist. Smoking and Health Program, Health Promotion Services Branch, Health Department of Western Australia, Perth. 1990 - 1991 Responsibilities included: Coordinator of Western Australia tobacco prevention campaign for youth aged 9 - 12. Components included: conceptual development, marketing, media launch, TV ads, print media, school competition, merchandise, sponsorship, the development of smoking prevention curriculum for grades k-7 and additional teaching materials. Aboriginal anti-smoking activities, programs aimed at preventing tobacco use among youth, strategic planning, budgeting, implementation and evaluation, conducting training programs and public speaking.

Program Coordinator and Education Specialist. AIDS Bureau, Disease Control Branch, Health Department of Western Australia, Perth. 1989 - 1990 Responsibilities included: development and implementation of ‘Certificate in AIDS Education’ courses for health care professionals (pharmacists, physicians, nurses, infection control specialists); development and facilitation of peer education strategies for groups participating in high risk behaviors (IVDU, prostitutes, and male homosexuals); liaison with community organizations; and public speaking.

Community Educator. Department of Health Promotion, Health Department of Western Australia, Led program in Community AIDS Education Certification for health professionals. 1989 –1990

Lecturer. Department of Health Promotion, Curtin University, Perth, Western Australia. Taught graduate courses in Health Promotion, Health Education, and Program Planning. 1989 - 1991

Research Interest

Disease Prevention

Tobacco Use Prevention Education

Community Based Primary Healthcare

School Based Health Education Curriculum

Health Policy

Research Grant

Muscato, L., Bizilya, K., & Mykyta, B. (2002). Youth smoking knowledge, attitudesand practices survey, Uzhgorod and Velikyi Bereznyi, Ukraine. Unpublished raw data. Washington DC, USAID/AIHA.

Muscato, L. & Chopey, K. (2002). Uzhgorod, Ukraineuniversity student health risk survey, a replication of Kharkiv university student survey. Unpublished raw data. Washington DC, USAID/AIHA.

Muscato, L., & Muscato, D. (2002). [Assessing Ukrainian youth road safety knowledge attitudes and practices, Velikyi Bereznyi, Ukraine]. Unpublished raw data. WashingtonDC, USAID/AIHA.

Muscato, L. (2002). Ukrainian youth and parents 40 assets survey. Unpublished raw data. Washington DC, USAID/AIHA.

Muscato, L., Brashnyk, P., & Chopey, O. (2001 – Ongoing). Assessing patient satisfaction of Uzhgorod, Ukrainian women seeking health care in woman’s clinic. Publication in process. WashingtonDC, USAID/AIHA.

Muscato, L., Brashnyk, P., & Mykyta, B. (2001 – Ongoing). Assessing patient satisfaction and access to rural family medicine clinic in Velikyi Bereznyi, Ukraine. Publication in process. WashingtonDC, USAID/AIHA.

Muscato, L., & Mykyta, B. (1999). [Assessing adult smoking attitudes and practices in Velikyi Bereznyi, Ukraine]. Publication in process. WashingtonDC, USAID/AIHA.

Muscato, L. (1999). Health risk survey of Ukraininan women. Publication submitted. WashingtonDC, USAID/AIHA.

Muscato, L., Hill, S., & Stonecipher, L. (1999). Youth risk behavior survey Velinky Berezny, Ukraine.Unpublished raw data. WashingtonDC, USAID/AIHA.

Muscato, L., Rampton, M., & Paulson, C. (1999). American international health alliance and United States agency for international development partnership grant. Developing community based primary health care Transcarpathia Ukraine. ($1,300,000). Corvallis, OR: Corvallis Sister Cities Association.

Muscato, L. (1997–1998). Developing distant education courses in personal health and AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases. Linn Benton Community College, Albany, OR.

Muscato, L. (1997). Assessing the knowledge, attitudes and practices of Oregon tobacco retailers as related to tobacco sales to minors and compliance to the minors and tobacco laws. Oregon Office of Alcohol and Drug Abuse Programs. Salem, Oregon.

Muscato, L. (1994 – 1995). The implementation of the Synar Amendment, in the state of Oregon, a three phase survey of Benton county tobacco retailers, evaluating retailer’s attitudes, knowledge and practices regarding selling tobacco products to minors. Oregon Office of Alcohol and Drug Abuse Programs. Salem, Oregon.


Sister Cities International Top Healthcare Award: "Innovation Award for Healthcare", 2005

Honary Doctorate, Uzhgorod National University, Uzhgorod, Ukraine, 2004


Coast to Cascade Wellness Coalition COMP-Northwest, 2012-Present

Linn County Oral Health Coalition, 2012-Present

HEART Board (Homeless Enrichment, Rehabilitation, Team)

Student Performance Committee COMP-Northwest, 2011-Present

Academic Technology COMP-Northwest 2011-Present

Academic Management Team COMP-Northwest, 2011-Present

Curriculum Committee COMP-Northwest, 2010-Preesent

Faculty Senate 2001 - 2003

Curriculum Committee, Western Oregon University, Department of Health and Physical Education. 2000-2003

Advisory Board – Corvallis Sister Cities Association 2001 - 2006

Information Technology Services Committee 2000 – 2001

LinnCountyTobacco Coalition 1999 to 2002

Curricular Issues Committee 1998 to 1999

Health and Human Performance Accreditation Committee 1997

Faculty Advisor for Health Education, Public Health, and Physical Education Majors 1996 to 2001

Chaired the committee for developing the LBCC Health Major for articulation program to four- year universities 1996 to 2001

Chaired Faculty Search 1996

LBCC Professional Development Committee 1996 to 1998

LBCC Health and Human Performance Educational Reform Committee 1995 -1996

Health Services statewide task force for the development of CAM proficiencies 1995 - 1996

SeasideWellness Committee 1995

Defined Health Promotion and Developed framework for Health Promotion Emphasis 1995 -1996

PREP Proficiencies for Entry into College Programs - representing health and human performance 1995 -1996

Oregon State Task Force for Minors Access to Tobacco 1994 – 1997

American Cancer Society, Tobacco Task Force, Oregon 1994-1996

Tobacco Control Task Force, Benton County Health Department 1994-1995

Australian Council on Smoking and Health (ACOSH) 1989 – 1991

StateHealth Promotion SchoolLiaison 1989 - 1991

Australian AIDS Council 1989 - 1991

Drug and Alcohol Advisory Team, Health Promotion Services, Western Australia 1989 - 1991

Smoking and Health Team, Western Australia 1989 - 1991

Health Promotion Continuing Education Advisory Board, Curtin University, Western Australia 1989 - 1991


Muscato, L., & Kidd, R. (2002) Contraception and abortion attitudes and practices of western ukraine women. The European Journal of Contraception and Reproductive Health Care.

Muscato, L. (2000). Smoking prevention vol. III. One of three manuals developed for Ukrainian health professionals and teachers. (Published by AIHA/USAID for partnership use only.)

Muscato, L. (1998). Editor: Weight management manual. Linn-Benton Community College. Published for school use only.

Muscato, L. (1997). Assessment of the Impact of tobacco enforcement citations on Oregon tobacco retailers’ knowledge, attitudes, practices and policies towards minors’ access. Thesis, Oregon State University Library. Unpublished.

Muscato, L. (1993). The smoke ring. An educational slide presentation. OregonState University.

Muscato, L. (1991). Education for the prevention of smoking: passive smoking – curriculum and learning activities. Sydney, Australia.

Muscato, L. (1991). Scooter’s smoke busters, an educational comic book for youth 9 - 12. Health Department of Western Australia, Perth, Australia.

Muscato, L. (1991). A note to teachers on smoking prevention, (booklet). Health Department of Western Australia, Perth, Australia.

Muscato, L. (1990). AIDS training manuals (Series of three). Curtin University Community AIDS Education Certificate Course. Perth, Australia.