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Mark Nguyen, BA, PharmD

Mark Nguyen, BA, PharmD

Assistant Dean, Experiential Education, Associate Professor of Pharmacy Practice and Administration

College of Pharmacy

Phone: 909-706-3537

  • Education

    2005 Arnold & Marie Schwartz College of Pharmacy and Health Science

    2001 California State University, Long Beach

  • Education Experience


    Critical Care
    2006-07 Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital

    Pharmacy Practice
    2005-06 VA Maryland Health Care System

  • Certification

    2007 Board of Pharmaceutical Specialties

  • Work Site

    St. Mary Medical Center
    1050 Linden Ave
    Long Beach, CA 90813

  • Research Interest

    Dr. Nguyen's research interests are in the areas of acute care and critical care.

  • Publications

    Maged Tanios, NguyenHM, Hyunsoon Park, Sangeeta Mehta, Scott K. Epstein, Fady Youssef, Antonio Beltran, Gabe Flores, Ramy Sidhom, Arunpal Sehgal, James Leo, John W. Devlin. Analgesia-first sedation in critically ill adults: A U.S. pilot, randomized controlled trial. Journal of Critical Care 2019; 53:107-113.

    Nguyen HM, Nam C, Singh N, Tanios MA. Morphine infusion to substitute for fentanyl shortage in a sedation protocol: A Case Series. CJHP 2017; 119-125.

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    Nguyen HM, Pon D. Off-label use of Dexmedetomidine for the treatment of delirium in the intensive care unit. P&T 2016; 41(10): 642-44.

    Cho E, Chan H, Nguyen HM, Shayani S, Nakamura R, Pon D. Management of Drug Interaction between Posaconazole and Sirolimus in Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation Recipients. Pharmacotherapy. 2015;35:578-85.

    Tanios MA, Epstein S, Nguyen HM, Hyunsoon P, Leo J. The influence of sedation on uplanned extubation in a mixed intensive care unit. American Journal of Critical Care. 2014;23:306-14.

    Omar S. Darwish, DO, Sarah Strube, DO, Nguyen HM, Tanios MA. Challenges of anticoagulation for atrial fibrillation in patients with severe sepsis. Annals of Pharmacotherapy. 2013;47:1266-1271.

    Cheng JW, Merl Y, Nguyen H. Effect of Nesiritide on Renal Function: a Retrospective Review. Curr Med Res Opin. 2005 Nov; 21 (11): 1851-63.

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