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Miklos Peterfy, Ph.D.

Miklos Peterfy, Ph.D.

Professor of Biochemistry

College of Osteopathic Medicine of the Pacific

Phone: 3949

Join year: August 2016

  • Education

    Postdoctoral Fellow, National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, MD,1990-1993

    PhD, Budapest University of Technology, Hungary, 1990

    BS, Budapest University of Technology, Hungary, 1986

  • Teaching Experience

    Professional Appointments:

    Professor, Department of Basic Medical Sciences, COMP, Western University of Health Sciences, 2016-pres

    Visiting Scientist, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, 2016-pres

    Visiting Professor, Department of Medicine, UCLA School of Medicine, 2016-2020

    Adjunct Professor, Department of Medicine, UCLA School of Medicine, 2013-2016

    Associate Professor, Director, Laboratory of Murine Models for Metabolic Disease, Obesity and Diabetes Research Institute, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, 2007-2016

    Associate Professor, Department of Medicine, UCLA School of Medicine, 2007-2013

    Assistant Professor, Department of Medicine, UCLA School of Medicine, 2001-2007

    Assistant Research Biochemist, Department of Medicine, UCLA, 1998-2001

    Research Scientist, Amgen Inc., 1993-1998

  • Courses

    Endocrine System (FOM7), COMP, WUHS, 2017-pres

    Biochemistry/Genetics (ISOM, FOM3-5), COMP, WUHS, 2016-pres

    Additional Lecturing:

    Problem-Based Learning, UCLA School of Medicine, 2014

    Medical Genetics Training Program, UCLA, 2009-2014

    Cardiovascular Biology, CSMC PhD Program, 2009-2013

    Oncology, CSMC PhD Program, 2009-2011

    Genetics, CSMC PhD Program, 2008

    Topics in Genomics (HG210), UCLA, 2007

    Mouse Molecular Genetics (CM222), UCLA, 2005

    Advanced Human Genetics (HG236), UCLA, 2002

    Courses Chaired/co-Chaired:

    Mouse Molecular Genetics (C122/C222), UCLA, 2017-2018

    Genetics, CSMC PhD Program, 2012-2016

    Human Genetics & Genomics (CM256), UCLA, 2003-2016

  • Research Interest

    Research in the Peterfy Laboratory focuses on the molecular basis of common metabolic diseases including diabetes, dyslipidemia and coronary artery disease. We use genetic approaches to identify novel determinants and mechanisms responsible for metabolic abnormalities with the goal of providing the foundation for novel therapeutic approaches.

  • Research Grant

    NIH/NIDDK (R01-DK129877), PI: Peterfy/Najjar, Project period: 4/1/22-3/31/26, Novel Molecular Determinants of Insulin Clearance.

    NIH/NHLBI (R15-HL154071), PI: Peterfy, Project period: 6/14/21-6/13/24, Lipase Maturation Factor 1 in Hypertriglyceridemia

    DOD CDMRP (GRANT13363192), PI: Peterfy, Project period: 7/1/22-6/30/24, Hepatic Insulin Clearance: A Novel Therapeutic Target in Type 2 Diabetes

  • Publications

    Krishnan, K. C., Vergnes, L., Acin-Perez, R., Stiles, L., Shum, M., Ma, L., Mouisel, E., Pan, C., Moore, T. M.,Peterfy, M., Romanoski, C. E., Reue, K., Bjorkegren, J. L. M., Laakso, M., Liesa, M., Lusis, A. J. (2021) Sex-specific genetic regulation of adipose mitochondria and metabolic syndrome by Ndufv2.Nat. Metab., 13: 1552-1568.

    Guo, F., Seldin, M.,Peterfy, M, Charugundla, S., Zhou, Z., Lee, S. D., Mouton, A., Rajbhandari, P., Zhang, W., Pellegrini, M., Tontonoz, P., Lusis, A. J., Shih, D. M. (2021) Notum promotes thermogenesis and protects against diet-induced obesity and insulin resistance in mice.Sci. Rep., 11: 16409.

    Norheim, F., Krishnan, K. C., Bjellaas, T., Vergnes, L., Pan, C., Parks, B. W., Meng, Y., Lang, J., Ward, J. A., Reue, K., Mehrabian, M., Gundersen, T. E.,Peterfy, M., Dalen, K. T., Drevon, C. A., Hui, S. T., Lusis, A. J., Seldin, M. M. (2020) Genetic regulation of liver lipids in a mouse model of insulin resistance and hepatic steatosis.Mol. Systems Biol., 17: e9684.

    Krishnan, K. C., Floyd, R. R., Sabir, S., Jayasekera, D. W., Leon-Mimila, P. V., Jones, A. E., Cortez, A. A., Shravah, V.,Peterfy, M., Stiles, L., Canizales-Quinteros, S., Huertas-Vazquez, A., Lusis, A. J. (2020): Liver pyruvate kinase promotes NAFLD/NASH in both mice and humans in a sex-specific manner.Cell. Mol. Gastroenterol. Hepat., 14: S2352.

    Krishnan, K. C., Sabir, S., Shum, M., Lang, J. M., Floyd, R. R., Acin-Perez, R., Vergnes, L., Seldin, M. M., Fuqua, B. K., Jayasekera, D. W., Nand, S. K., Anum, D. C., Pan, C., Stiles, L.,Peterfy, M., Reue, K., Liesa, M., Lusis, A. J. (2019): Sex-specific metabolic functions of adipose Lipocalin-2.Mol. Metab., 30: 30-47.

    Ehrhardt, N., Cui, J., Dagdeviren, S., Saengnipanthkul, S., Goodridge, H. S., Kim, J. K., Lantier, L., Guo, X., Chen, Y. I., Raffel, L. J., Buchanan, T. A., Hsueh, W. A., Rotter, J. I., Goodarzi, M. O., Peterfy, M. (2019) Adiposity-Independent Effects of Aging on Insulin Sensitivity and Clearance in Mice and Humans.Obesity27: 434-443.

    Peterfy, M., Bedoya, C., Giacobbe, C., Pagano, C., Gentile, M., Rubba, P., Fortunato, G., Di Taranto, M. D. (2018) Characterization of two novel pathogenic variants at compound heterozygous status in Lipase Maturation Factor 1 (LMF1) gene causing severe hypertriglyceridemia.J. Clin. Lipidol. 12: 1253-1259.

    Ehrhardt, N., Doche, M. E., Chen, S., Mao, H. Z., Walsh, M. T., Bedoya, C., Guindi, M., Xiong, W., Irudayam, J. I., Iqbal, J., Fuchs, S., French, S. W., Hussain, M. M., Arditi, M., Arumugaswami, V.,Peterfy, M. (2017) Hepatic Tm6sf2 overexpression affects cellular ApoB-trafficking, plasma lipid levels, hepatic steatosis and atherosclerosis.Hum. Mol. Gen. 26: 2719-2731.

    Labadzhyan, A., Cui, J.,Peterfy, M., Guo, X., Chen, Y.I., Hsueh, W.A., Rotter, J.I., Goodarzi, M.O. (2016) Insulin clearance is associated with hepatic lipase activity and lipid and adiposity traits in Mexican Americans.PLOS One11: e0166263.

    Sha, H., Francisco, A., Ehrhardt, N., Sun, S., Xue, Z., Liu, L., Guber, R., Panhwar, M. S., Hang, S., Xue, B., Brenna, J. T., Kersten, S., Bensadoun, A.,Peterfy, M.*, Long, Q.*, Qi, L.* (2014) The ER-Associated degradation adapter protein Sel1L regulates triglyceride metabolism via lipoprotein lipase.Cell Metab., 20: 458-470. *co-senior authors

    Ehrhardt, N., Bedoya, C.,Peterfy, M.(2014) Embryonic viability, lipase deficiency, hypertriglyceridemia and neonatal lethality in a novel LMF1-deficient mouse model.Nutr. Metab. 11: 37-45.

    Mao, H. Z., Ehrhardt, N., Bedoya, C., Gomez, J. A., DeZwaan-McCabe, D., Mungrue, I. N., Kaufman, R. J., Rutkowski, D. T.,Peterfy, M.(2014) Lipase Maturation Factor 1 is Induced by Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress Through Atf6α Signaling.J. Biol. Chem. 289: 24417-24427.

    Hosseini, M., Ehrhardt, N., Weissglas-Volkov, D., Lai, C-M., Mao, H. Z.., Liao, J., Nikkola, Bensadoun, A., E., Taskinen, M-R., Doolittle, M. H., Pajukanta, P.,Peterfy, M. (2012) Transgenic expression and variation of LMF1 affect LPL activity in mice and humans.Arterioscler. Thromb. Vasc. Biol., 32: 1204-1210.

    For a complete list of Dr. Peterfy's publications