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Peter Oelschlaeger, PhD, MS

Peter Oelschlaeger, PhD, MS

Associate Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences

College of Pharmacy

Phone: 909-469-8232

  • Education

    Sabbatical Leave:
    2018-2019 Keck School of Medicine, University of Southern California


    2007 University of Southern California

    2004 California Institute of Technology

    PhD 2002 University of Stuttgart

    MS 1999 University of Hohenheim

  • Research Interest

    The general goal of research in my laboratory is to elucidate mechanisms of infectious diseases. In particular, we study bacterial antibiotic resistance conferred by metallo-beta-lactamases. The clinically most relevant of these enzymes are those of the IMP, VIM, and NDM types. We want to understand how these enzymes function and evolve under the selective pressure of antibiotics. In collaboration with other researchers in the field, we hope to discover more potent antibiotics and metallo-beta-lactamase inhibitors that can be given in combination with antibiotics.

  • Research Grant

    “Bicyclic beta-lactam antibiotics as poor substrates for metallo-beta-lactamases”
    NIH-NIAID R15 Subcontract, PI: John D. Buynak, 2014-2017

  • Publications

    Nielsen TB*, Yan J, Slarve M, Lu P, Li R, Ruiz J, Lee B, Burk E, Talyansky Y, Oelschlaeger P, Hurth K, Win W, Luna BM, Bonomo RA, Spellberg B.
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    Zhang CJ, Faheem M, Dang P, Morris MN, Kumar P, Oelschlaeger P. Mutation S115T in IMP-type metallo-beta-lactamases compensates for decreased expression levels caused by mutation S119G. Biomolecules (2019), 9, E724.

    Zhang YJ, Wang WM, Oelschlaeger P, Chen C, Lei JE, Lv M, Yang KW.Real-time monitoring of NDM-1 activity in live bacterial cells by isothermal titration calorimetry: a new approach to measure inhibition of antibiotic-resistant bacteria.ACS Infectious Diseases (2018), 4, 1671-1678.

    Kang JS, Zhang AL, Faheem M, Zhang CJ, Ai N, Buynak JD, Welsh WJ, Oelschlaeger P.Virtual screening and experimental testing of B1 metallo-beta-lactamase inhibitors.Journal of Chemical Informatics and Modeling (2018), 58, 1902-1914.

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    Nguyen TQ, Alqurafi M, Edwards C, Nguyen P, Kim J, Casco S, Bennet M, Chiang C, Lohry M, Cox M, Meshram B, Le D, Kim E, Smriti S, Oelschlaeger P, Buynak JD.
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    Zhai L, Zhang YL, Kang JS, Oelschlaeger P, Xiao L, Nie SS, Yang KW.Trazolylthioacetamide: a valid scaffold for the development of New Delhi Metallo-beta-lactamase-1 (NDM-1) inhibitors.ACS Medicinal Chemistry Letters (2016), 7, 413-17.

    LaCuran AE, Pegg KM, Liu EM, Bethel CR, Ai N, Welsh WJ, Bonomo RA, Oelschlaeger PElucidating the role of residue 67 in IMP-type metallo-beta-lactamase evolution.
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