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Roger S. Klotz, R.Ph, FASCP, FACA, FCPhA

Roger S. Klotz, R.Ph, FASCP, FACA, FCPhA

Emeritus Associate Professor

College of Pharmacy

  • Education

    BS Pharmacy 1966 University of Illinois

  • Certification

    BCNSP 1998 Board of Pharmaceutical Specialties
    Licensed Pharmacist 1984 California
    Licensed Pharmacist 1966 Illinois

  • Research Interest

    His research interests are in the area of pharmacy practice as it relates to clinical and economic outcomes analysis. The areas of pharmacy practice Professor Klotz is interested in focusing on are in drug and nutrition therapy management, in particular that which focuses on specific disease states. The addition of a third class of drugs and the impact of the pharmacist's management now offers a whole new area of research in managing disease.

  • Publications

    1. Klotz RS: Infectious Diseases II Panel; Parenteral Treatment of Infectious Diseases in the Home. Triller DM, Briceland LL: Parenteral Treatment of Infections Diseases in the Home, Pharmacotherapy Self-Assessment Program, 4th Edition, Book 4 Infectious Diseases II, 2001, 321-345. American College of Clinical Pharmacy, Kansas City, Mo.

    2. Klotz R: "Poisoning in childhood." Hospital Pharmacy, 1972; 244-246.3. Klotz R: "Pharmacokinetics in obstetrics and gynecology." Nederlands Tijdshrift Voor Obstetrie & Gynaecologie, 1991; 104:279-285.

    4. Klotz, RS: The effects of intravenous solutions on fluid and electrolyte balance. J Intravenous Nursing, 1998; 21(1): 20-26.

    5. Klotz, RS: Pharmacist Office Practice: An Emerging Practice Model. California Pharmacist, 2006; 3(1): 35-39.