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Rafi Younoszai, PhD

Rafi Younoszai, PhD

Professor of Anatomy(Emeritus) & Social Medicine / Director of International Cross-Cultural Programs

College of Osteopathic Medicine of the Pacific

Phone: 909-469-5244

Join year: July, 1979

  • Education

    1971 Ph.D., Anatomy, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN 1957 B. S., Plant Pathology, University of California, Berkeley, CA

  • Courses

    Gross Anatomy; Histology; founder of WesternU's Intensive Summer Anatomy Course (ISAC)

  • Publications

    1997 -R. Younoszai; C. Kuehn; J. Leo. "Designs for learning anatomy in mission management." Vol. 1 Association of Academic Health Centers. Eds. R. J. Bulger; M. Osterweis; E. R. Rubin.

    1996 - "A clinical anatomy curriculum for the medical student of the 21st century." Clinical Anatomy 9 (2): 71-99. (This document was developed by the Educational Affairs Committee of the AACA. R. Younoszai was a member of this committee. Natalie Nevins, J. Jones, D.O., and R. Younoszai wrote the section on "The Back" for this document)

    1993 - J. R. Sylvain; J. T. Martin; R. Younoszai; S. K. Wong; J. M. Jones. "Psychoneuroimmunology of stress: The role of osteopathic palpatory diagnosis." JAOA 93 (8).