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Simon A. Bulley, PhD

Simon A. Bulley, PhD

Associate Professor, Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Sciences

College of Pharmacy

Phone: 3838

  • Education

    PhD Integrative Biology, 2010
    Florida Atlantic University, FL

    MSc Toxicology, 2002
    University of Birmingham, UK

    BSc (Hons) Marine Biology, 2001
    University of Newcastle, UK

  • Research Interest

    Regulation of arterial contractility and systemic blood pressure, hypertension, autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease.

  • Research Grant

    Principal Investigator, “Role of TRPP2 channels in the regulation of arterial contractility” AHA, SDG, 2016-

  • Organizations

    American Physiological Society, 2012-Present

    Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology, 2007-2011

  • Publications

    Bulley S, Fernández-Peña C, Hasan R, Leo MD, Muralidharan P, Mackay CE, Evanson KW, Moreira-Junior L, Mata-Daboin A, Burris SK, Wang Q, Kuruvilla KP, Jaggar JH (2018) Arterial smooth muscle cell PKD2 (TRPP1) channels regulate systemic blood pressure. Elife. 7. pii: e42628.

    Leo MD, Zhai X, Muralidharan P, Kuruvilla KP, Bulley S, Boop FA, Jaggar JH (2017) Membrane depolarization activates BK channels through ROCK-mediated 1 subunit surface trafficking to limit vasoconstriction. Sci Signal. 10:

    Kidd MW, Bulley S, Jaggar JH (2017) Angiotensin II reduces the surface abundance of Kv 1.5 channels in arterial myocytes to stimulate vasoconstriction. J Physiol. 594: 4703-4704.

    Bulley S, Jaggar JH (2016) Now you see it, now you don’t: the changing face of endothelin-1 signaling during vascular ontogenesis. J Physiol. 594: 4703-4704.

    Bannister JP, Bulley S, Leo MD, Kidd MW, Jaggar JH (2016) Rab25 influences functional CaV1.2 channel expression in arterial smooth muscle cells. Am J Physiol Cell Physiol. 310: C885-893.

    Leo MD, Bulley S, Bannister JP, Kuruvilla KP, Narayanan D, Jaggar JH (2015) Angiotensin II stimulates internalization and degradation of arterial myocyte plasma membrane BK channels to induce vasoconstriction. Am J Physiol Cell Physiol.309: C392-402.

    Burris SK, Wang Q, Bulley S, Neeb ZP, Jaggar JH (2015) 9-phenanthrol inhibits recombinant and arterial myocyte TMEM16A channels. Br J Pharmacol.172: 2459-2468.

    Bulley S, Jaggar JH (2014) Cl- channels in smooth muscle cells. Pflugers Arch.466: 861-872.

    Narayanan D, Bulley S, Leo MD, Burris SK, Gabrick KS, Boop FA, Jaggar JH (2013) Smooth Muscle Cell Transient Receptor Potential Polycystin (TRPP)2 Channels Contribute To The Myogenic Response in Cerebral Arteries. J Physiol.591: 5031-5046.

    Rowan MJ, Bulley S, Purpura LA, Ripps H, Shen W (2013) Taurine regulation of voltage-gated channels in retinal neurons. AdvExp Med Biol.775: 85-99.

    Jiang Z, Bulley S, Guzzone J, Ripps H, Shen W (2013) The modulatory role of taurine in retinal ganglion cells. AdvExp Med Biol. 775: 53-68.

    Bulley S, Liu Y, Ripps H, Shen W (2013) Taurine activates delayed rectifier Kv channels via a metabotropic pathway in retinal neurons. J Physiol.591: 123-132.

    Bannister JP, Bulley S, Narayanan D, Thomas-Gatewood C, Luzny P, Pachuau J, Jaggar JH (2012) Transcriptional upregulation of α2δ-1 elevates arterial smooth muscle cell voltage-dependent Ca2+ channel surface expression and cerebrovascular constriction in genetic hypertension. Hypertension.60: 1006-1015.

    Bulley S, Neeb ZP, Burris SK, Bannister JP, Thomas-Gatewood CM, Jangsangthong W, Jaggar JH (2012) TMEM16A/ANO1 channels contribute to the myogenic response in cerebral arteries. Circ Res.111: 1027-1036.

    Thomas-Gatewood C, Neeb ZP, Bulley S, Adebiyi A, Bannister JP, Leo MD, Jaggar JH (2011) TMEM16A channels generate Ca2+ activated Cl- currents in cerebral artery smooth muscle cells. Am J Physiol Heart Circ Physiol.301: H1819-1827.

    Bulley S, Shen W (2010) Reciprocal regulation between taurine and glutamate response via Ca2+-dependent pathways in retinal third-order neurons. J Biomed Sci. 24: Suppl 1:S5.