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Susan Mackintosh, DO, MPH

Susan Mackintosh, DO, MPH

Associate Dean for Multidisciplinary Collaboration and College Affairs

College of Osteopathic Medicine of the Pacific

Phone: 909-469-5530

  • Education

    1992 College of Osteopathic Medicine of the Pacific
    Pomona, CA
    Degree Granted: Doctor Of Osteopathy

    1985 California State Polytechnic University
    Pomona, CA
    Degree Granted: Bachelor of Science, Microbiology

  • Certification

    Board Certified American Board of Family Practice - 1995 and recertified in 2001 and 2008 through 2015.
    ACLS and BCLS certified: August 2000

  • License

    Licensure: California, Osteopathic Medical Board of California, inactive but valid Through 2023

  • Professional Experience

    2003-Present Riverside County, Department of Public Health
    Riverside, CA
    Assistant Public Health Officer
    •Plan, organize and direct medical aspects of public health programs for Riverside County Department of Public health including: Disease Control, Bioterrorism and Disaster Preparedness and Response, Laboratory, Nutrition, Health statistics , Health Education.
    •Act as Medical Consultant for public health programs and community public health issues.
    •Serve as part of Department of Public Health Administrative team with responsibilities including budget, personnel issues, and development of procedures, protocols and policies.
    •Serve as Chair of Continuing Medical Education Committee.
    •Serve on statewide appointed and Ad Hoac Committee, such as California Conference of Local Health Officers (CCLHO), Southern California Public Health Association, CCLHO Chronic Disease and Maternal, Child Health Committee.
    •Serve on local and regional committees such as Inland Empire HIV Planning Council, Riverside County Medical Association, Riverside County EPO Physician Review Committee, IEHP Medical Standards Committee.
    •Speak before professional and community groups on current and emerging public health issues.
    •Investigate unsolved public health issues and develop, research and implement necessary planning to solve issues.
    •Act as community liaison with medical community, community based organizations, private and public entities and other county departments.
    •Assist with development of disaster response plans and exercise including; surge capacity, public response, strategic national stockpile (mass prophylaxis), Surveillance, containment, and media response.

    2002-2003 Riverside County, Department of Human Resources
    Riverside, CA
    Employee Health Medical Director
    •Plan, organize, direct and implement all aspects of the occupational health program for Riverside County Employees including: Pre-employment physical exams, medical surveillance, workman's compensation, fitness for duty determination and legal mandates related to health in the workplace.
    •Provide Medical consolation for county employees return-to-work
    •Establish and managed employee health and wellness programs.
    •Supervise and Direct occupational health staff.
    •Serve as Medical director for exclusive care, which includes: Review and approval of credentialing files of newly recruited contract physicians, review medication overrides for exclusive care, establish suggested practice guidelines for physicians, resolve physician conflicts that may arise due to referral or benefit issues, establish and chair QA and UR committees for exclusive care, sit on Pharmacy Committee for exclusive care, annual review of medical necessity definitions and limitations or other coverage issues for exclusive care plan and serve as mediator between any patient and/or physician conflicts that may arise the exclusive care plan.

    2001-2002 University of California, Riverside
    Riverside, CA
    Director, Campus Health Center
    •Actively involved in establishing sports medicine programs.
    •Program Director for campus wide automated external defibrillator program.
    •Established campus wide Hepatitis B vaccination program.
    •Charter member of the Chancellor's appointed steering committee for health and wellness.
    •Member of statewide task force for implementation of mandatory undergraduate health insurance.
    •Multiple interdepartmental committees and work groups including establishment of protocols, link committees between campus counseling center and campus health center, establishing pharmacy, health and wellness speaker for campus groups, search committee for establishing grants for CHC, Committee for Accreditation Process, CHC Executive Committee, CHC Leadership Committee and CHC Quality Assurance Committee.
    •Established Student Health Advisory Committee
    •Serve as primary care physician
    •Serve as one the team physicians for division one university athletics.
    •Develop and oversee administrative structure regarding staffing level, procedures and protocols for the CHC to serve a student population of 15,000 plus faculty and staff.
    •Oversee CHC budget, which is compared of registration fee monies, income funding, general funds an d contracts and grants.

    2001-2003 Western University of Allied Health Sciences
    Clinical Proctor
    Department of Family Medicine
    •Teaching and mentoring of first and second year medical students in physical diagnosis courses and differential diagnosis.

    2001-Current Osteopathic Medical Board of California
    Proctor for Licensure Examination
    2000-2001 University of California, Riverside
    Riverside, CA
    Interim Director, Campus Health Center

    1998-2000 University of California, Riverside
    Riverside, CA
    Senior Staff Physician/ Chief Physician
    •Served as primary care physician for ambulatory care including health maintenance, health and wellness instruction, acute illness and injury, urgent care and appropriate referral decisions.
    •In the capacity of chief physician duties included supervision of medical staff including physicians, nurse practitioners, registered nurses and medical assistants.
    •Duties also included establishment of procedures and protocols for medical staff for the campus health center.

    1996-1998 Kaiser Permanente Medical Group Foundations
    Ontario, CA
    Staff Physician, Department of Family Medicine
    •Served as primary care physician with duties that include health maintenance, acute illness and injury, urgent care, inpatient hospital care and appropriate referral decisions.

    1996 Molina Medical Group
    Ontario, CA
    Per Diem Physician
    •Served as primary care physician with duties that included health maintenance, acute illness and injury, urgent care and appropriate referral decisions.

    1995-1996 The Private Practice of Dr. Pamela Hartford
    Chino, CA
    Per Diem Physician
    •Served as primary care physician with duties that included health maintenance, acute illness and injury, urgent care and appropriate referral decisions.

  • Committees

    Riverside County

    Labor Management and Health Care Joint Committee
    HIPAA Compliance Committee for Riverside County
    Pharmacy Review Committee for Exclusive Care
    RCRMC/EPO conjoint committee
    QA committee for Exclusive Care
    UR committee for Exclusive Care

    University of California, Riverside

    Chancellor's Committee on AIDS Awareness
    Statewide Task Force for Implementation of Undergraduate Insurance Plan
    Student Health Advisory Committee
    Accreditation Committee
    Executive Staff Committee Chair
    Quality Assurance Committee
    Institutional Bio-Safety Committee
    Risk Management Committee
    Anti-Terrorism Committee
    Chancellor's Steering Committee on Health and Wellness
    Sports Medicine Committee

    Specialized Courses and Trainings

    Incident management/Unified Command- TEEX
    WMD Terrorism- TEEX
    Disaster Management Operations-CSTI
    Earthquake Disaster Management Operations-CSTI
    Management Training Academy- Riverside County