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Wael Khamas, BVM&S, MS, PhD

Wael Khamas, BVM&S, MS, PhD

Professor of Anatomy & Histology

College of Veterinary Medicine

Phone: 469-5526

Join year: 2005

  • Education

    PhD, Veterinary Anatomy, Iowa State University 1983
    MS Veterinary Anatomy, Iowa State University 1980
    BVM&S, University of Baghdad 1973

  • Teaching Experience

    •Teaching Assistant, University of Baghdad 1974-1977
    •Teaching Assistant, Iowa State University 1978-1983
    •Faculty, University of Baghdad 1984-1993
    •Faculty, Jordan University of Science and Technology, 1994-2003
    •Fulbright Scholar, Purdue University 2004-2005
    •Faculty, Western University of Health Sciences, 2005-present

  • Philosophy

    I enjoy working with students in the labs to learn all possible aspects of anatomy, histology, embryology and neuroanatomy. I believe that our students are better preparedin PBL curriculum.

    My enthusiasm for continuous learning and researching in anatomy/histology will be reflected on the stimulation of my students' ability to learn anatomy/histology and begin to integrate their knowledge to other disciplines as well as to clinical cases presented to them.

    I have developed appreciation and understanding of species diversity including camels, Llama, avian and laboratory animals and tailored my knowledge to different needs of DVM students and students in other disciplines.

  • Research Interest

    I am interestedto studythermoregulatory mechanism in different animal speciesthroughunderstanding of their blood vessels histoarchitecture.

    I also study the effect of certain pollutants on male and female genital systems.

  • Organizations

    •Phi Zeta 1982

    •World Association of Veterinary Anatomist 1984

    •American Association of Anatomists 2004

    •California veterinary Medical Association. 2005

    •American Association of Veterinary Anatomists. 2008.