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WesternU / Faculty Resources for Remote Assistance

Faculty Resources for Remote Assistance

Hello Esteemed Faculty,


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As our WesternU community moves into an environment that supports both in-person and remote curriculum, class instructions, lectures, and presentations may now be given in various formats atypical for what you and your students may have been accustomed to before the COVID-19 pandemic. Therefore, this website provides a compiled list of all the resources available to you to transform your usually in-person curriculum into a remote setting.


This site houses a series of categorized links that will connect you to various CETL resources,, Knowledge Base articles, and LinkedIn Learning videos that have to do with best practices for remote learning. Some of the great featured subject matter includes tips and tricks for online classroom delivery, how to access your files using Office 365 and OneDrive, and utilizing Microsoft Teams, Zoom Communications, and Mediasite for a remote classroom alternative.


Please see the contacts listed lower on this page if further assistance is needed.

  • CETL

    Tim Wood lectureThe Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL) will provide opportunities for WesternU employees to develop as excellent educators and University community members who facilitate learning in innovative ways.

    We anticipate an increased demand by external stakeholders to document evidence of student learning, and toward this goal, we will collaborate with employees in facilitating, conducting and disseminating educational research.

  • Accessing and Sharing Your Files Remotely
  • Choosing the Best Remote Platform

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    Zoom and Microsoft Teams – Helping You Decide

    Microsoft Teams and Zoom Comparison

  • Using Microsoft Teams for Remote Classrooms

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    Knowledge Base Articles

    Using Microsoft Teams

    LinkedIn Learning Collections

    Using Microsoft Teams for Faculty

  • Using Zoom for Remote Classrooms
  • Mediasite for Faculty
  • Everything You Need to Know About LinkedIn Learning

    As a free resource, WesternU provides all faculty with the option of using the online video training tool known as LinkedIn Learning. Below are articles which will help you access and utilize this helpful platform.

    How to Access and Navigate LinkedIn Learning

    LinkedIn Learning – Learning Paths

    If you decide LinkedIn Learning is for you, there is a great educational feature within the site called a Learning Path. A Learning Path is a step-by-step course you can take while visiting LinkedIn Learning, which was specifically created with your faculty needs in mind. The link below will lead you to the Faculty Focused Remote Assistance lesson, which includes all videos and articles related to helping you present remote curriculum.

    Your Learning Path – Faculty Focused Remote Assistance

    As an alternative to a Learning Path, LinkedIn Learning also offers the option for resource Collections. A Collection is different in that it still includes all subject-related videos and articles, but it gives you the freedom to select and view the items as you like rather than in a step-by-step format. If you are interested in this approach, below are links that will lead you to Collections focused on assisting faculty with remote classroom presentations.

    LinkedIn Learning – Collections

    Accessing and Sharing Files for Faculty

    Using Microsoft Teams for Faculty

    Zoom for Faculty

    Mediasite for Faculty

    LinkedIn Learning for Faculty

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    Contacts for Assistance

    Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning – CETL

    Information Technology/Technical Support