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PharmD International Pathway (PIP) Program

2.5-year program for U.S. licensure. Learn in a supportive, team-based environment.

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Earn your PharmD International Pathway at WesternU

At WesternU’s College of Pharmacy, we’re dedicated to helping foreign-trained Pharmacists achieve their goal of earning a PharmD degree to practice in the U.S. After a one-month summer orientation to help you acclimate, you’ll be admitted with advanced standing into the second year of our traditional PharmD curriculum. You’ll have the same access to WesternU’s cutting-edge curriculum, team-based learning experiences, faculty mentorship and more, all to help prepare you for a rewarding career in caring for patients.
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Our Block System Sets Us Apart

WesternU pioneered the block-system curriculum, allowing you to master one subject at a time on a 2.5-year timeline. Taught by nationally and internationally acclaimed faculty with advanced training in a wide range of specialties, you’ll graduate six months ahead of students from other PIP programs, giving you a competitive advantage—and the chance to take your licensure board exams early. And with summer breaks, you can do a student exchange, participate in summer research with faculty, or just relax.

World-Class Faculty

You’ll learn from distinguished faculty with national and international recognition for their leadership and professional accomplishments, along with considerable grant support.

Real-World Experience

Early clinical experiences and access to 350 rotation sites gives you a wide range of opportunities to apply what you’re learning in the classroom to real-world scenarios.

Inclusive Learning Experience

At WesternU, we believe in treating patients as people first, treating students as colleagues, and fostering camaraderie among students and faculty alike.

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Support for International Students

WesternU doesn’t just welcome you as an international student—we welcome your family, too. Our International Student Services (ISS) department offers immigration advising, including guidance on managing your immigration status, maintaining information and documents for you and your dependents in the Student and exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS), helping you stay current with rules and regulations set by the Department of Homeland Security, and more.
  • Setting You Up

    for Success

    While your journey begins in the classroom, WesternU aims to prepare you for the future so you can serve your community with confidence. We offer 350 rotation sites with approximately 700 preceptors nationally and internationally. Potential rotation locations include California, Hawaii, Illinois, Arizona, Utah, and countries like Thailand, South Korea, Taiwan, Japan. You’ll have the opportunity to complete a research project, making you more marketable for post-graduate residencies and fellowships. And when you’re ready to create your residency application, we’ll connect you with a professor to help you make the right impression.

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“WesternU’s program stood out to me because of its block system and team-based learning structure, which helps us to easily socialize and adapt to the American system.”

Franco Dickson, PharmD ’20
Accra, Ghana
Senior Manager, Global Oncology Scientific Publications,
Bristol Myers Squibb, New York
photo of Franco Dickson COP Alumni

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Western University of Health Sciences is one of the most comprehensive graduate schools for the health professions in the United States. Engage yourself in 360-degree views, videos and photos that showcase WesternU’s colleges, labs, and programs.


The pharmacy profession is diverse and rewarding. At WesternU, you will find rigorous academic preparation and supportive faculty and peers. This is the place for you!

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