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Doctor of Podiatric Medicine (DPM)

100% Internship/Residency Placement

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Doctor of Podiatric Medicine – Our Unique Program

Parity with Allopathic and Osteopathic medicine:
WesternU DPM students are uniquely prepared for success after studying medical curriculum in the first two years of the program alongside Osteopathic Medicine students.

Comprehensive and progressive medical curriculum:
We use multiple methods of conveying information, from lectures and case-based learning to hands-on and interprofessional experiences.

Early Entry Clinical Training:
Starting in the first semester students work with standardized patients in the Clinical Skills Lab.

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Podiatric Physician SURGICAL SPECIALTY

The surgical role of the New Podiatric Physician has expanded to include a full spectrum of foot and ankle surgeries. In this highly evolving specialty, the DPM is surgically addressing root causes of complex, chronic conditions, drawing on highly specialized experience in surgical management of infections, chronic wound care and soft tissue reconstruction, fracture care and reconstructive bone and joint procedures.
Running in Biomechanics Lab


Whether in the office of a medical group, at a hospital or community clinic, DPMs are not only frontline surgeons, but they are also excelling in fields as diverse as trauma, diabetic wound care and limb salvage, biomechanics, sports and dance medicine, pediatrics, dermatology, wound care, and forensics. DPMs are also holding significant roles in health care management, public health services, translational and clinical research, and as important consulting resources in the pharmaceutical and medical legal industries.
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