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Master of Science in Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Sciences (MSBPS)

#1 CPJE & NAPLEX Pass Rates, Class of 2021



Our fully accredited and nationally recognized program will prepare you with the skills to become a pharmacy professional in a variety of rewarding careers. You will learn from nationally and internationally acclaimed faculty who have advanced training in a wide range of specialties.

MSPS student Priyanka Kunamaneni is working in a lab associated with novel formulation development of various drug molecules to augment their oral bioavailability. Proliposomal drug delivery is one such approach, which can bypass the presystemic first pass metabolism and enhance the oral bioavailability of highly metabolized drugs. Proliposomal drug delivery also results in drug targeting, protection of drugs from degradation in the GIT, lower drug dose, which will rule out related side effects.


The major focus of the Master of Science in Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Sciences (MSBPS) program is to provide students with a strong research focus, training and skills in order to prepare them for careers in academia, pharmaceutical industry, or public/private research institutions.
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WesternU’s two-year MSBPS program

During the two years in the program, students take a series of courses and write a thesis based on the research conducted during their time in the program. The thesis will be presented and defended in the presence of their thesis committee. In addition, most students present their findings at national and international scientific conferences and publish their research in respected journals in their field of study.

Students graduate from our program with a robust series of courses and hands-on research training, and transition to advancing their careers. We have a strong track record of student placement into positions in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry, and further graduate training such as Ph.D. or professional program.
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