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Exterior photo of Anderson tower in Pomona

Advisory Board


The WesternU College of Graduate Nursing Advisory Board is a core group of influential individuals whose purpose is to expand the network of friends of CGN. By building and strengthening partnerships between CGN and its broader constituencies, this will enhance the school’s current position of strength to reach its next level of excellence as a leader in nursing scholarship, education, and clinical practice.

Members serve as consultants and advisees for the College of Graduate Nursing Dean and faculty on matters relating to education, nursing, and healthcare to assure programs meet today’s need for nursing excellence, leadership, program relevancy, as well as the needs of our stakeholders.


The Advisory Board consists of 15 to 25 members broadly representing all aspects of the nursing industry, healthcare, and the community. Members also include alumni and students.

Membership is at the invitation of the dean, faculty, or advisory board members.

Company representation is generally limited to one member per company, unless significantly different roles are represented, in which case two individuals may serve.

The term of Board membership is 2 years with one reappointment possible.

Structure and Work

The work of the Advisory Board focuses on regional, stateside, and national health care issues, how they impact the nursing industry, and the role the College of Graduate Nursing should play.

Meetings are structured as a gathering of thought leaders that can actively engage in productive dialogue to strengthen an academic service partnership. Meetings will be structured to provide ample time to address issues that are of mutual interest to members.

Advisory Board members are asked from time to time to identify possible financial resources for specific projects and to be an advocate on behalf of the college.


The Advisory Board meets three times a year. Due to the complexity of distance, expense and travel these meetings will be conducted via webinar or telephone conference call.

Meetings are generally held at Western University of Health Sciences (Pomona, CA) for those that choose to meet face-to-face.

Dates and time for meetings will be determined by the members.

For More Information Contact:
Mary Lopez, PhD, RN
Dean, College of Graduate Nursing
Western University of Health Sciences
309 E. Second Street
Pomona, CA 91766
Phone: (909) 706-3860