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WesternU / Pet Health Care / Veterinary Ambulatory Community Service

Veterinary Ambulatory Community Service

WesternU CVM offers Veterinary Ambulatory Community Service (VACS), a program that takes faculty and students into the community to provide valuable pet health care to underserved communities and animal shelters. Students going through this distinctive program have said that the combination of helping the community and animals in need was the opportunity to shape themselves into being a more caring and empathetic doctor.

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Mobile Vet Clinic

WesternU faculty work side-by-side with students and community members to provide valuable pet health care through the Veterinary Ambulatory Community Service (VACS) Program.

This provides students with the opportunity to connect with patients and their families and it provides valuable pet health care to underserved communities.

“WesternU gets our students out there seeing patients in real-life situations and experiences.”

Frank Bossong, DVM, Assistant Professor
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Student Feature

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