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WesternU / Bursar / Services We Offer

Services We Offer

Please select below for information and details about the services we offer.

  • For Students
    • Establish and maintain student account records
    • Send out student account statements and perform other collection efforts
    • Authorize, process and disburse refunds for students and lenders
    • Complete and submit the annual 1098-Ts required for each student to the IRS
    • Assign and distribute student parking permits
    • Approve and disburse emergency loans
    • Receive and deposit all student payments
    • Monitor and maintain of federally funded loans and records, including Title IV and VII funds
  • For Inter-Campus
    • Process all university cash receipts and revenue (check, cash, credit cards)
    • Daily electronic banking deposit
    • Daily posting and journalizing of all transactions to the General Ledger


    • College deposits with college deposit forms are to be mailed to the Bursar’s Office for processing. Please anticipate a delay of 3 to 5 business days.
  • Refunds

    A student refund results in any unused funds for the student after all university charges have been paid and settled. The Bursar’s Office, as soon as funds are recorded on the student account, initiates and processes payment to the student and is usually issued the following day in the form an electronic fund transfer (EFT).

    A student refund may result from the following:

    • The student account shows a credit balance after all charges have been paid and settled;
    • Cancellation or reversal of charges which have been funded earlier; OR
    • Withdrawal, dismissal, or leave of absence
  • Parking Permits

    In an effort to maintain the balance in rising costs associated with campus growth and in accommodating the increased student demand for parking spaces, the new annual student parking permit fee has been established at $470.00. This fee increase also considers the study and information gathered by the University Parking Task Force on the actual costs incurred for parking by the University as well as with respect to the parking practices carried out by other higher education institutions.

    Parking is non-refundable. Any Lost/Stolen/Damaged parking permits cannot be replaced. Permits would have to be re-purchased at full price.

  • Emergency Loans

    It is a short term loan granted to a qualified student, meeting the emergency criteria. Applications are approved by the Bursar s Office. Repayment is required within three months or upon receipt of any financial aid funds, whichever occurs first. A delinquency could be subject to a ‘collection hold’ status. Please see the Emergency Loan Application form.

  • Tax Credits

    The Hope Scholarship and the Lifetime Learning credits are determined by the amount a taxpayer (student) paid for qualified tuition and related expenses and the amount of his/her modified adjusted gross income for the same taxable year. Please consult a qualified tax preparer, CPA, or IRS online for further interpretation and understanding.

  • Electronic 1098Ts Will Be Available on BanWeb

    In order to comply with the standard method of communication amongst the university community, the Bursar’s Office will now be furnishing 1098T forms electronically.

    Please be informed:

    • These forms will be available on Self-Service (BanWeb) by January 31st.
    • Paper 1098Ts will not be issued unless you personally request a copy from the Bursar’s Office.
    • Non-resident aliens will no longer be issued 1098-T’s, unless requested.
    • If you do not wish to receive an electronic 1098T please submit a written withdrawal via email or letter to the Bursar’s Office.
    • These statements will be available for calendar years in which your tuition was assessed. You will no longer receive a 1098T once you have ceased tuition charges.
    • If you believe tuition information contained on your 1098T is incorrect, please contact the Bursar’s Office.
    • Self-Service (BanWeb) can be accessed anytime via the University’s website. Click here to log in to Self-Service, and follow these instructions:
      1. Log on to Self-Service (Banweb)
      2. Go to Student Services
      3. Go to Student Records Menu
      4. Go to Tax Notification
      5. Enter Tax Year
  • New Loan Servicer

    Please be aware that WesternU has changed loan servicers and will now be using ECSI, Inc. If your loans are in a grace period or repayment, please feel free to contact them:

    (888) 549-ECSI (3274)