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 Clubs at Western University of Health Sciences 

WesternU is home to over 130 student led clubs and organizations, with over 100 of those groups operating out of the Pomona campus. Below you will find a listing of all student led clubs and organizations on the Pomona campus.

You can search by college (e.g. COMP, CPM, CVM) or keyword (e.g. Radiology, Business, Sports).You can also sort the table by any field you would like. Use the clubs email address (listed in the “Contact” column) or website/social media to find out more information! Clubs that are listed as “Shared” are available to the entire WesternU student body. If a club has a sibling club at the COMP-Northwest campus there will be an asterisk at the end of the club name. 

CollegeClub NameCouncilMission StatementContactWebsite/Social Media
COPAcademy of Managed Care PharmacySpecialty Clubs in PharmacyTo empower members to provide the best available, patient oriented pharmaceutical care through the use of sound medication management principles and strategies. AMCPFacebook Page

CPMAmerican Academy of Podiatric Sports MedicineProfessional Student OrganizationsTo promote interest and awareness in the field of podiatric sports medicine. To provide opportunities for students to improve their knowledge and understanding of evaluations, treatment, management, and prevention of podiatric injuries in sports and fitness. To provide the podiatric student with additional opportunities to gain exposure and supervised training in the field of podiatry, all the while promoting public awareness of the field of podiatry and specifically podiatric sports medicine.AAPSM
CGNAmerican Assembly for Men in NursingProfessional Student OrganizationsTo provide a framework for nurses as a group, to meet, to discuss and influence factors which affect men as nurses.AAMN
CPMAmerican Association for Women Podiatrists Professional Student OrganizationsThe purpose of the WesternU student chapter of the American Association of Women Podiatrists is to aid the advancement of the educational, professional and social goals of our members. Through networking, service learning and education, we will prepare for success in the field of podiatry, while benefiting our community. AAWP
CDMAmerican Association of Women DentistsProfessional Student OrganizationsTo unify both women dentists and women student dentists by creating an extensive network that fosters mentorship, and empowers one another to enrich their lives, and simultaneously empowers our community.AAWD
SharedAmerican College of Foot & Ankle Orthopedics & MedicineProfessional Student OrganizationsTo provide students with the opportunity to gain practical skills in the evaluation, treatment and prevention of lower limb conditions and injuries through hands on experience, workshops and educational seminars.ACFAOM
CPMAmerican College of Foot & Ankle SurgeonsProfessional Student OrganizationsTo enhance the competency of medical students at every level of foot and ankle care by exposing students to more specific foot and ankle surgical techniques.ACFASWebsite
COMPAmerican College of Osteopathic Family Physicians * Specialty Clubs in Osteopathic MedicinePromotes the training of osteopathic family physicians and provides a better understanding of the scope of services rendered by the osteopathic family physician.ACOFP
CDMAmerican Dental Education AssociationProfessional Student OrganizationsTo promote accessibility of academic dentistry to students who wish to pursue careers as dental professors or educators. To promote accessibility of post-graduate, advanced "residency" programs to students who wish to further expand their clinical education. To promote awareness and understanding of dentistry to undergraduate and pre-collegiate students who are aspiring to become a part of the dental profession.ADEA
COMPAmerican Medical Student AssociationHealthcare Advocacy and Reform ClubsTo improving health care and health care delivery to all people; promoting active improvement in medical education; involving its members in the social, moral and ethical obligations of the profession of medicine; assisting in the improvement and understanding of world health problems; contributing to the welfare of medical students, premedical students, interns, residents and post-MD/DO trainees; and advancing the profession of medicine.AMSA
SharedAmerican Medical Women's Association/OB-GYN ClubSpecialty Clubs in General HealthcareThe American Medical Women's Association is an organization which functions at the local, national, and international level to advance women in medicine and improve women's health. We achieve this by providing and developing leadership, advocacy, education, expertise, mentoring, and strategic alliances.AMWA-OBGYN
COAmerican Optometric Student AssociationProfessional Student OrganizationsTo improve visual welfare, promote the profession of optometry and to enhance the education of optometry students.
COPAmerican Pharmacists Association - Academy of StudentsProfessional Student OrganizationsAPhA exists to serve its members, to enhance pharmacists' abilities to provide pharmaceutical care, and to further the public's recognition of the pharmacists' value as a health resource. As an academy of APhA, ASP promotes the professional practice interests of pharmacy students, establishes programs/activities for members, and provides a means for members to participate in APhA's policy-making process.APhA
CDMAmerican Student Dental AssociationProfessional Student OrganizationsTo enrich dental student knowledge of organized dentistry and community involvement.ASDA
SharedAnesthesiology ClubSpecialty Clubs in General HealthcareThe club provides educational resources and clinical opportunities to WesternU students who are interested in the field of anesthesiology, including, but not limited to, anesthesiologist shadowing, information of residency applications and conferences. Our affiliation to ACLS Certification Institute further provides all official members with one complimentary ACLS certification and courses to solidify the foundation of knowledge in anesthesiology.
SharedArmenian Student AssociationCultural ClubsTo enhance interaction among the Armenian student body at WesternU through cultural, social and recreational activities and to promote awareness of the Armenian culture, history and heritage to all students, faculty and staff.ASA
SharedAsian-American Health Professions Student Association - Asian Pacific American Medical Student Association Cultural ClubsTo increase awareness of the osteopathic profession in the Asian community and to provide services to the university and Asian communities.
COBeta Sigma Kappa Optometric Honor SocietyHonors Societies & FraternitiesAn elite group of optometrists and optometry students who are dedicated to stimulating scientific and clinical excellence, and high moral standards in the profession.
SharedBusiness and Medicine OrganizationBusiness Management ClubsTo increase awareness of the business challenges faced by health professionals.
COMPCalifornia Medical Association Healthcare Advocacy and Reform ClubsPromotes osteopathic principles and practice in Los Angeles County via educational presentations to other health professionals and potential practitioners. The organization serves to educate members about issues pertinent to the field of medicine and provide students with access to legislative policy surrounding organized medicine. Students serve on policy-making committees and attend seminars, conventions and political rallies to insure adequate representation of the university.CMA
COPCalifornia Society of Health System PharmacistsSpecialty Clubs in PharmacyTo provide students an opportunity to become knowledgeable about pharmacy practices in organized healthcare settings.
SharedChinese-American Health Students AssociationCultural ClubsTo reduce language barriers, promote health awareness, and limit health disparities in Chinese-dominant communities by providing health fairs, community health education events and other related activities.
SharedChristian Fellowship Club Faith-Based Clubs To promote the Christian values of love, friendship, gratitude, and compassion. Through fellowship with other students, we strive to develop a strong community of Christian health professionals. We desire to make the WesternU community, along with the community of Pomona, a better place.
SharedClub of Psychiatry EnthusiastsSpecialty Clubs in General HealthcareFosters the involvement, organization and implementation of health sciences students' mental health awareness. The group functions as a central hub for the exchange of ideas, information and resources for topics related to psychiatry. Promotes the discourse for psychiatric education in the WesternU community and for advocacy and justice in mental health as an integral part of health overall.
COCollege of Optometrists in Vision DevelopmentSpecialty Clubs in OptometryCOVD exists for the primary purpose of providing children and adults with the best possible vision through vision development care; bringing together optometrists who share common interests and proficiency in helping individuals develop and enhance emotional, social, scholastic and vocational efficiency, promoting, fostering and engaging in interdisciplinary cooperation.
COContact Lens ClubSpecialty Clubs in OptometryTo provide club members unique insights into the applications and implications of contact lenses as a supplement to the optometry curriculum.
CDMDelta Sigma Delta Dental FraternityHonors Societies & FraternitiesTo promote unity within the different classes of the college, extend scholarship and leadership opportunities to students, establish an alumni base and promote oral health awareness to the community.
CDMDental Student Research GroupResearch ClubsTo foster craniofacial research and to raise awareness of the importance of scientific investigation in dentistry; to promote student participation in ongoing projects keeping with the current trends in oral biology.
SharedDermatology Interest GroupSpecialty Clubs in General HealthcareProvides resources and guidance to students interested in a career in dermatology as well as outreach to the community concerning issues related to dermatology. This includes, but is not limited to, dermatology lecture series, Melanoma Research Fund Race for Awareness, community education, list serves for residency and rotation opportunities.
CGNDoctor of Nursing Practice AssociationTo support each other through the DNP program. We are also concerned with nursing outreach, community service and student teaching of nurses.
SharedEmergency Medicine Interest Group-Pomona *Specialty Clubs in General HealthcarePromotes the interest and education of students in emergency medicine and exposes them to a variety of common emergencies. Students will be exposed to practical procedures they can use in their third and fourth years. Instruction and practice will be provided of invaluable techniques necessary in the field of emergency medicine.
SharedEnvironmental Advocates: Right to Health Health and Wellness ClubsTo educate and empower the greater Western University of Health
Sciences community to implement the changes necessary to create a more resilient, sustainable, and socially responsible environment.
COFellowship of Christian OptometristsFaith-Based ClubsTo promote, further, and maintain fellowship among optometry students/optometrists and others in the ophthalmic professions. Optometry students, optometrist and allied ophthalmic personnel will become established in the type of mission work which combines eye care and the furtherance of the Christian gospel, both in the workplace and on mission fields around the world.
SharedGenetics and Medical Technology lnterest GroupOur mission is to increase awareness and passion for genetics and medical technology within the health field and our university system. We hope to accomplish this goal by providing a resource for those interested in the fields to gain applicable knowledge and experiences through interaction with other students, professors, clinicians, and researchers.
SharedGlobal Health Club-Pomona *Community Service ClubsTo promote global health through international efforts and cross-cultural, interprofessional interactions.
SharedGold Humanism Honor Society * Honors Societies & FraternitiesTo recognize individuals who are exemplars of humanistic patient care and who can serve as role models, mentors, and leaders in medicine. GHHS honors medical students, residents, fellows, role-model physicians, teachers, and others who demonstrate excellence in humanistic clinical care, leadership, compassion, and dedication to serve. Membership in the GHHS goes beyond selection and induction into an honor society; its members have a responsibility to model, support, and advocate for compassionate, patient centered care throughout their careers.
CDMHispanic Student Dental AssociationCultural ClubsDedicated to promoting and improving the oral health of the local Hispanic community, minorities and under-served populations. HSDA aspires to encourage and increase minority enrollment and retention in dental schools and educate members and colleagues about the social, moral and ethical obligations of the profession of dentistry.
SharedHumor as MedicineTheater, Music and Arts ClubsEmbrace and practice the understanding that providing laughter, joy, and hope in times of difficulty can improve one’s prognosis and well-being.HAM
SharedInterventional Radiology Interest GroupSpecialty Clubs in General HealthcareTo enhance students understanding in the field of radiology and Diagnostic Imaging, including radiographs, MR, CT, and Ultrasound.RTC
SharedIranian-American Students of WesternUCultural ClubsTo promote the interest and education of students in the Iranian culture and represent Iranian traditions among students and other members of the community through educational, cultural, and professional events.
COPKappa Psi Pharmaceutical FraternityHonors Societies & FraternitiesTo function as a fraternal organization promoting personal and professional growth among its membership.
SharedKorean Student AssociationCultural ClubsTo promote strong relationships among students and faculty, provide networking opportunities within the health care field, promote the Korean culture throughout the community and serve the school, profession and community at large.KSA
SharedLambda & Friends (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender)Promotes the acceptance of, and provides support to gay, lesbian, bi-sexual and transgender students, faculty and staff of WesternU.
SharedLatino Medical Student AssociationCultural ClubsServes as part of a statewide communication and support network for medical and pre-medical students interested in developing health care services for Hispanic underserved communities.
SharedLatter Day Saints Student AssociationFaith-Based To encourage and support members of LDSSA in achieving their academic goals and maintaining a balanced life while on campus and to encourage members to become an influence for good by participating in activities and service on campus and in the community. LDSSA
SharedLifestyle Medicine Interest GroupHealth and Wellness ClubsOur mission is to increase awareness and passion for Lifestyle Medicine across all specialties. Our aim is to restore, maintain, and promote the health and well-being of the individuals of the WesternU community and local underserved communities. We hope to accomplish our goals by providing resources from the American College of Lifestyle Medicine, emphasizing fitness and nutrition, offering health services to those in need, and more. LMIG
SharedLions Club @ WesternUCommunity Service ClubsTo form a group of students that are willing to help our community as well as join the largest service organization in the world.
Lions Club
SharedMilitary Medical Student Association * Professional Student OrganizationsMMSA is open to all students regardless of military affiliation. Those students on military scholarships will have the opportunity to join student chapters of the Association of Military Osteopathic Physicians and Surgeons (AMOPS) and the Uniformed Services Academy of Family Physicians (USAFP). The primary goals of the club are to: provide information concerning rotations, internships and residencies in military facilities, provide information concerning the practice of osteopathic medicine and family practice medicine within the armed forces, to provide information concerning life and opportunities in the military in general.
SharedMusicians in MedicineTheater, Music and Arts ClubsHealing and well-being through music. MM
SharedMuslim Student AssociationFaith-Based ClubsTo serve as a religious outlet and meeting place for the growing number of Muslim students on the WesternU campus. Also, to further educate the WesternU community about Islam.
COPNational Community Pharmacists AssociationSpecialty Clubs in PharmacyTo introduce students to independent retail pharmacy. To promote high quality pharmaceutical care and to restoring, maintaining, and promoting the health and well-being of the public we serve.
CONational Optometric Student AssociationHealth Career Advocacy ClubsIn conjunction with the National Optometric Association (NOA), NOSA focuses on increasing the under-represented number of minority optometric health care students, current and prospective, in the field of Optometry.
CGNNational Student Nurse AssociationProfessional Student OrganizationsTo mentor students preparing for licensure as RN's and to convey standards, ethics, and skills students will need as responsible and accountable leaders and members of the profession.
COOptometric Extension ProgramSpecialty Clubs in OptometryPromotes awareness of the national OEP Foundation through educational materials, speakers, office visitations, tours and local seminars. In all these ways, members will have the opportunity to learn and research vision, the visual process and clinical care.
COOptometry Private Practice ClubBusiness Management ClubsTo prepare optometry students to transition from clinical education to the business aspect of optometry.
SharedOrthodox Union Jewish Learning on Campus Faith-Based Provide avenues to spiritual development and exploration for Jewish students from varied backgrounds and to present a positive, sophisticated and welcoming face for Orthodox Judaism on campus.OUJLIC
SharedOrthopedic ClubSpecialty Clubs in General HealthcareTo better integrate the different future health care professionals of orthopedics, including orthopedic surgery, non-surgical orthopedics, and rehabilitation post-orthopedics, trauma, sports medicine, etc. This organization also integrates students from the different programs.
COMPOsteopathic Physicians & Surgeons of CaliforniaProfessional Student OrganizationsProvides an avenue for student input to the state medical association and allows early involvement in OPSC. Helps osteopathic medicine candidates enhance their career opportunities through collegial relationships with practicing physicians. Students participate in Continuing Medical Education (CME) seminars, clinical preceptorships, and guidance from physician mentors.
SharedParasitology ClubSpecialty Clubs in General HealthcareProvides an opportunity for students to learn about common parasites of clinical importance as well as emerging zoonotic parasites.
Parasitology Club
Shared Pathology Interest GroupSpecialty Clubs in General HealthcareOur mission is to increase awareness and passion for pathology as a career in the student body, and to create a resource for students who want to go into pathology. We plan to do this through a multi-tiered approach, including 1st through 4th year medical students as well as professors, in order to cultivate a self-sustainable interest group. PIG
COMPPediatric Interest GroupSpecialty Clubs in Osteopathic MedicineThe purpose of this club is to increase awareness and interest in the field of pediatrics within and outside of the WesternU community.ACOP
SharedPhi Delta EpsilonHonors Societies & FraternitiesPhi Delta Epsilon Medical Fraternity creates physicians of integrity with a life-long commitment to our guiding principles of philanthropy, deity, and education through fellowship, service, mentoring, and formal training in leadership, science, and ethics.PDE
COPPhi Lambda Sigma - Gamma Nu ChapterHonors Societies & FraternitiesPhi Lambda Sigma, also known as the national Pharmacy Leadership Society, promotes the development of leadership qualities, especially among pharmacy students. Phi Lambda Sigma honors leadership and its members are selected by peer recognition.
SharedPhysical Medicine & Rehabilitation ClubSpecialty Clubs in General HealthcareAn intercollegiate club on campus that brings together healthcare professionals from various backgrounds to discuss disability issues as they relate to medicine. The club also provides volunteer and shadowing opportunities for those interested in a career in Physiatry.
CHSPhysical Therapy Advocacy ClubProfessional Student OrganizationsProvides opportunities for all students to partake in various Physical Therapy related lectures, convocations, debate panels including current issues and legislation and technique demonstrations. Activities include guest speakers, participation in the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) functions and hands-on treatment techniques.
CHSPhysician Assistant Student SocietyProfessional Student OrganizationsTo promote the Physician Assistant profession and represent the WesternU at the national level.
SharedPipeline to Health Careers-Pomona *Health Career Advocacy ClubsTo give the youth of today the tools essential to attain their full academic potential. To strengthen and develop a passion for science so students so that they will be inspired to seek careers in the health professions, and to help them see their promise as successful and effective professionals of tomorrow.
CPMPodiatric Research Club Specialty Clubs in General HealthcareTo provide first and second year medical students with exposure to the latest research in the field, as well as participation in research of their own. PRC
SharedPomona Community Health Action Team PCHATCommunity Service ClubsThe purpose of this team is to provide and serve the medical needs of the Pomona community.
SharedPomona Homeless Outreach Project PHOPCommunity Service ClubsPomona Homeless Outreach Program is dedicated to providing health care, food, clothing, and education to the homeless population in both Pomona and Ontario. We do clinics monthly and education nights every 2 weeks.
SharedPublic Health ClubCommunity Service ClubsTo increase the awareness and importance of public health to the community.
PHCFacebook Page
CORefractive Surgery ClubSpecialty Clubs in OptometryTo increase awareness and knowledge of the various kinds of refractive surgery, to teach pre- and post-operative co-management techniques, and to establish a strong relationship between optometrists and refractive surgeons.RSC
COPRho Chi SocietyHonors Societies & FraternitiesTo foster and recognize academic excellence in the pharmacy profession.
Rho ChiWebsite
CVMSC - American Association of Avian PathologistsSpecialty Clubs in Veterinary MedicineTo promote interest and education of students in the field of avian veterinary medicine and expose them to a wide variety of procedures and techniques used that can help them excel in real cases.SC-AAAP
CVMSC - American Association of Bovine PractitionersSpecialty Clubs in Veterinary MedicineTo enhance student understanding of bovine medicine as well as companion livestock and production animal management.
CVMSC - American Association of Equine PractitionersSpecialty Clubs in Veterinary MedicineTo improve the health and welfare of the horse. It also serves to further the professional development of its members. Provide resources and leadership for the benefit of the equine industry.
CVMSC - American Association of Feline PractitionersSpecialty Clubs in Veterinary MedicineTo improve the health and well-being of cats by supporting high standards of practice, continuing education and scientific investigation, as well as stimulating veterinary student interest in feline practice.
CVMSC - American College of Veterinary Internal MedicineSpecialty Clubs in Veterinary MedicineTo enhance animal and human health by advancing veterinary internal medicine through training, education and discovery.
CVMSC - American College of Veterinary PathologistsSpecialty Clubs in Veterinary MedicineTo educate veterinary students on both anatomical and clinical pathology career opportunities. Members engage in various talks with world-renowned speakers, participate in interactive histopathology presentations and necropsies, and attend the annual meeting of the American College of Veterinary Pathologists.SCACVPFacebook Page


CVMSC - American Holistic Veterinary Medicine AssociationHolistic Medicine ClubsTo educate and provide information to the community on holistic approaches to veterinary medicine.SCAHVMA
CVMSC - American Veterinary Society of Animal BehaviorSpecialty Clubs in Veterinary MedicineTo educate veterinary students on current animal behavioral theory as well as the importance of recognizing the human-animal bond in a clinical setting. We also encourage hands-on application of theory in the clinical setting.SCAVSAB
CVMSC - Association of Shelter VeterinariansSpecialty Clubs in Veterinary MedicineTo use veterinary knowledge and skills to work towards decreasing shelter and unwanted pet populations, improving conditions within the shelters, and educating the public and veterinary profession.SCASV
CVMSC - Christian Veterinary MissionCommunity Service ClubsTo challenge, empower and facilitate veterinary students (and veterinarians) to serve others through their profession, through missions, living out their Christian faith. We also provide education and encouragement for those who desire to minister through service, prayer, relationship building and modeling Christ's love.SCCVM
CVMSC-Foundation for Veterinary DentistrySpecialty Clubs in Veterinary MedicineTo promote the interest and education of students in dentistry and expose them to a variety of common dental covariates.SC-FVD
CVMSC - Humane Society Veterinary Medical AssociationHealthcare Advocacy and Reform ClubsTo engage students in current ethical and political debates that promote the welfare of animals. Members participate in lectures with numerous world-renowned speakers, advance animal welfare through community activities, and volunteer for organizations that promote animal welfare according to SC-HSVMA guidelines.SCHSVMAWebsite
CVMSC - Society for TheriogenologySpecialty Clubs in Veterinary MedicineTo expand the knowledge of interested students in science behind and techniques used in treatment of and approach to Theriogenology cases, real and proposed.TherioWebsite
SharedSC-American Geriatric SocietySpecialty Clubs in General HealthcareTo promote the interest and awareness of geriatric medicine. Students will be exposed to and given educational talks pertaining to Geriatrics, as well as interact with the geriatrics community. In addition, students will gain rapport building skills and have more chances to interface with the community. AGS
CVMSC - World Aquatic Veterinary Medical AssociationSpecialty Clubs in Veterinary MedicineOur mission is to introduce veterinary students to the world of aquatic veterinary medicine. We aim to introduce students to all aspects of aquatic veterinary medicine and help by provide learning, externship and intership opportunities. SCAQVMA
COMPSigma Sigma Phi *Honors Societies & FraternitiesThis fraternity provides service to the university and profession and is the official National Osteopathic Honors Fraternity. We promote educational programs for the entire student body and participation in community projects, health fairs, high school athletic physicals and blood pressure checks.SSP
CPMSouthern CA Podiatric Medical Students' AssociationProfessional Student OrganizationsTo create a SCPMSA regional chapter which will unify podiatric medical students at WesternU as well as provide them with relevant information and a unique identity.SCPMSA
CDMSports Dentistry ClubSpecialty Clubs in General HealthcareTo bring awareness regarding the role of dentistry in injury prevention, and maintenance of optimal oral health among athletes in the community.
SharedSports Medicine Club-Pomona *Specialty Clubs in General HealthcareTo provide opportunities for students interested in Sports Medicine. These include sponsoring school/club health checks, assisting at local athletic events, performing sports physicals for local high school and college athletic programs. We also offer seminars, speakers and other educational avenues for students interested in Sports Medicine.
COSports Vision ClubSpecialty Clubs in OptometryTo provide club members unique insights into the applications and implications of Optometric sports vision enhancement beyond what’s covered in the College of Optometry curriculum.
COMPStudent American Academy of Osteopathy-Pomona *Specialty Clubs in Osteopathic MedicinePromotes the instruction and understanding of unique osteopathic principles and technique through guest lectures on manipulative therapy and the osteopathic philosophy.
CVMStudent American Veterinary Medical AssociationProfessional Student OrganizationsTo promote a spirit of friendly relations among students enrolled in the College of Veterinary Medicine and to provide an opportunity for members to gain professional knowledge and an understanding of professional ethics and conduct. Members are also able to take advantage of opportunities provided by the AVMA parent organization.SAVMA
SharedStudent Interest Group in Neurology *Specialty Clubs in General HealthcareTo provide opportunities for medical students to participate in activities related to the field of Neurology including; discussions, patient presentations, seminars, and shadowing Neurologists in the workplace.SIGN
CDMStudent National Dental AssociationCultural ClubsThe SNDA has a long standing goal for over 40 years, to promote, aid, and support the academic and social environment of minority students. SNDA strives to establish opportunities for members to develop stronger alliances amongst one another as well as develop a sense of community, thus aiding the advancements of minority students within the field of dentistry. in addition, SNDA provides great opportunities to hone leadership skills both on the national and local level.SNDA
SharedStudent National Medical AssociationCultural ClubsTo serve the health needs of underserved communities and communities of color. In addition, SNMA is dedicated to both ensuring that medical education and services are culturally sensitive to the needs of diverse populations and to increasing the number of African-American, Latino and other students of color and entering and completing medical school.
CVMStudent of Color &Allies Outreach, Retention & EducationCultural ClubsTo promote the interests of veterinary and other health students of color through advocacy and retention initiatives, educate the campus community on issues of diversity, and outreach to underrepresented students at K-12 and undergraduate schools. WesternU students will be provided a safe space through meetings and events where they will be able to voice their concerns and work together for the betterment of the campus community. The club is open to all regardless of race, ethnicity, color, religion, national origin, age, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, immigration status, disability, or any or any other status protected from discrimination by federal, state, or local law.SCORE
COMPStudent Osteopathic Internal Medicine AssociationSpecialty Clubs in Osteopathic MedicineTo represent aspiring internists through an early exposure to the field of internal medicine.
COMPStudent Osteopathic Medical Association-Pomona *Professional Student OrganizationsTo promote osteopathic ideals and unity within the profession, to educate future osteopathic physicians, and to establish/maintain lines of communication among healthcare professionals in an ongoing effort to improve and quality of patient care.
SharedStudent Osteopathic Surgical Association-Pomona *Specialty Clubs in General HealthcareProvides opportunities for all students to learn about surgery as a career and help students develop basic skills for their clinical rotations. Activities include operating room shifts for all interested students and procedure workshops including suturing, casting, central lines, chest tubes and lumbar puncture.
CVMStudent Veterinary Emergency Critical Care SocietySpecialty Clubs in Veterinary MedicineTo promote the interest and education of WesternU veterinary students in veterinary emergency and critical care. We strive to develop and strengthen a passion for animal emergency medicine through lectures, web labs and guest speakers.
COStudent Volunteer Optometric Services to Humanity (sVOSH)Community Service ClubsAn international organization that provides eye care services and glasses to the needy.
SharedUltrasound Club *Specialty Clubs in General HealthcareTo enhance the medical curriculum and educate future doctors at WesternU to basic usage of ultrasound and related medical equipment. Ultrasound, or ultrasonography, has become increasingly in high demand in both the hospital and private practice settings. Benefits such as mobility, transportability, and safety of imaging without the use of ionization radiation has made ultrasound an indispensable tool in patient care. We aim to teach basic ultrasound diagnostic techniques, explore the dynamic usage of ultrasound in various specialties, and to reach out to the community through sonography education.
CVMVeterinary Business Management AssociationBusiness Management ClubsDedicated to advancing the profession through increasing business knowledge, creating networking opportunities, and empowering students to achieve their personal and professional goals.
CVMVeterinary Research ClubResearch ClubsTo promote interest in the filed of biomedical research and laboratory medicine and to promote research opportunities for veterinary students.
CVMVeterinary Surgery ClubSpecialty Clubs in Veterinary MedicineThe purpose of this club is to provide learning experiences in the field of veterinary surgery with an emphasis on small animal surgery.
SharedVietnamese Student AssociationCultural ClubsTo introduce students and staff to the Vietnamese culture, language and food. The club also reaches out to the Pomona and Orange County communities by providing healthcare through health fair events. We believe that exposure to and knowledge of the Vietnamese culture can help future healthcare providers of WesternU understand and better empathize with their Vietnamese patients.
SharedWesternU SingersTheater, Music and Arts ClubsTo offer students a musical outlet; to provide music for campus and community events.
SharedWilderness Medicine ClubSpecialty Clubs in General HealthcareTo promote the interest and education of students in wilderness and austere medicine. Students will be exposed to practical procedures and scenarios to aid them in situation when they may have to call upon their wilderness medical knowledge. The club will host activities and events designed to promote the skills and concepts needed to provide vital emergency care in remote settings.
CVMZoological Medicine SocietySpecialty Clubs in Veterinary MedicineTo promote the general welfare and conservation of captive and free-ranging wildlife. To enlighten ourselves by sharing in the dissemination of relevant knowledge in an effort to increase the awareness of issues that affect these animals.


 COMP-Northwest Clubs

If you’re interested in starting a new club: New club applications are only reviewed once a year. The deadline to submit a new club application is December 16, 2019. The Student Organization Committee will consider new club applications in early February (2020) and you can expect to hear the committee’s decision by mid-February. Contact University Student Affairs (studentaffairs@westernu.edu) for more information or to request an application.