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College of Dental Medicine

Help Transform Dental Medicine

The College of Dental Medicine (CDM) at Western University of Health Sciences is a leader and innovator in dental education. As a dynamic College, every day represents growth, change and a unique culture that is evident the moment you arrive on campus.

Our mission and vision demonstrate aspirations, which combined with a solid strategic plan, have helped us realize our goal to be a premier dental education program. Since our opening in 2009, we have made significant strides as a full-scope dental academic institution, providing a solid education, developing lines of research, and providing patient care in a unique, caring, and progressive environment.

Your support helps our students fulfill their dreams of becoming Doctors of Dental Medicine (DMD)—your gift will help their vision become a reality. We are grateful for your partnership and for the dreams you make possible.

Your Opportunities Are Endless. Let’s Get Started!

Below, you’ll find several opportunities to make a difference. From scholarships, to research, and even capital projects, every donation is an investment in our students and communities.

  • Support Scholarships and Endowments
  • Support Research, Programs, and Faculty
  • Support Other College Priorities
  • Expand Your Legacy by Creating Spaces that Let Ideas Soar

    Our students, alumni and faculty have contributed greatly to improving the health of our community. Our focus on the community and improving health disparities has led to an increased diverse, practice-ready workforce, as our graduates choose to work in different spheres of dentistry (~40% of our graduates practice in medically underserved communities following their first year after graduation). Feel like making a difference? You can! When you sponsor a space or one of the leaves on our giving tree, you are ensuring CDM continues to be a place where students and faculty can work together to create change – and where ideas can soar. The best part is, your options are plentiful. Look at the many options below to see how you can make a difference.


    Giving Tree – Level of Your Choice

    The donor recognition tree will enable you to donate to improve the lives of our patients, one smile at a time. Purchase a leaf from the giving tree and your name, loved one’s name, or even a short message will be engraved on the leaf as part of the Donor Recognition Tree.
    This tree will have beautiful leaves in copper, silver and gold and will be placed near the entrance to the simulation center for all to enjoy. Each leaf will designate those who have so generously gifted to the campaign. The leaves also make wonderful memorials to loved ones.

    Bronze – $100: Includes a name of your choice on a leaf.
    Silver – $200: Includes name and standard message, such as “in memory of,” “in honor of,” or “friends of.”
    Gold – $300: Includes name and two custom messages.
    Platinum – $1,000: Includes name, and custom message in a special spot for platinum donors.

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    Faculty and Staff Offices – $10,000

    There are various faculty and staff offices available. With your donation, you get recognition with a plaque in the room of your choice.

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    Operatory Treatment Space – $10,000

    The Dental Center has 65 semi-private operatories where patient care is rendered. Your gift will empower us to keep our treatment operatories up-to-date and will be commemorated with a plaque within the treatment operatory.

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    Private Exam Room – $20,000

    The Dental Center has three private treatment operatories where care is delivered in a more private setting. Your gift will assist us to create additional private treatment operatories where care can be delivered in an appropriate and patient sensitive setting. Your gift will be commemorated with a plaque inside the operatory.

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    Dental Simulaiton Unit – $25,000

    State of the art technology in simulation delivery for patient oral care to be used by dental students in their preclinical and clinical competency training. Each unit includes an A-dec simulator, a Kilgore manikin head, overhead light, bench top workspace, and doctor’s stool. This unit design affords the dental student ergonomic and as close to real clinical patient care as possible given the latest advances in dental simulation.

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    Associate Dean/Chair Office – $25,000

    With your donation, you get recognition with a plaque in the room of your choice.

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    Small Group Study Room – $25,000

    Each study room affords a seated capacity of ten students and one to two faculty facilitators around a sleek and modern oval shaped table. Each room includes AV technology allowing students to project content to a 55” mounted monitor. These rooms afford students the opportunity to engage in active learning, group discussions, and case-based learning.

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    Student Lounge – $50,000

    With your donation, you get recognition with a plaque in a room where students can lounge and recharge.

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    Dental Center Reception Area – $50,000

    With your donation, you get recognition with a plaque in a the dental center reception area.

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    Dean’s Office – $50,000

    With your donation, you get recognition with a plaque in the Dean’s office.

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    Dean’s Conference Room – $100,000

    State of the Art Conference room with digital white board, 75” monitor, modern conferencing technology allowing connectivity and virtual meetings. The room affords a capacity for 14 comfortably seated around an oval shaped, polished solid maple conference table and 6 more peripherally seated attendees. The room is brightly decorated with wall hung art and coffee dispensing and food catering service counterspace.

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    Dental Simulation Center – $500,000

    The simulation clinic/laboratory includes a large, unified simulation clinic space and a separate wet laboratory space not limited to work benchtop spaces, milling units, various dental wet lab equipment, and a 3D printer. The large simulation clinic space includes 80 ADEC simulation manikin units, 12 radiology stations with associated handheld Nomad X-ray acquisition units, and 8 CAD/CAM Planmeca scan and design stations, each set up on a mobile cart. This space also includes a state-of-the-art instructor area for live demonstration outfitted with a document camera and a Global surgical microscope with up to 19x magnifying power. In 2018, the technology in the Simulation Clinic was updated with 20 4K 50 in. monitors and new cameras, all integrated into the new multimedia center system, which has the potential of displaying 10 different multimedia sources to different teaching pods, depending on where activity is scheduled. The demonstration cameras were upgraded to a 4k Document camera and a dental microscope to magnify the smallest areas of a tooth. Both cameras are set up to record and stream video. The Sim clinic audio has been divided into 3 separate sections, allowing multiple activities to occur at once. Additionally, two Mobile demonstration carts have been recently added, each with a 42 in. display and document camera, allowing an object to be magnified and displayed to a large group of students for instant feedback in any location.

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    College Administration Suite – $500,000

    The Administration suite welcomes all visitors starting with a welcoming reception area and an administrative assistant ready to answer questions and direct visitors and students to the appropriate administrator or staff member. The suite houses the Office of the Dean of the College, The Office of the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, The Office of the Director of Operations, and a general office area housing multiple staff members of The Office of Academic Affairs including the Director of Education.

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    Have Questions? We’re Here to Help!

    For questions related to giving to the College of Dental Medicine, please contact Olabisi Carr, Senior Director of Development for the College of Optometry, College of Dental Medicine, and the College of Pharmacy.