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IPE Core Team

Portrait of Phillip E. Mitchell, EdD

Phillip E. Mitchell, EdD

Assistant Director of IPE

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Jillian Rivard, PhD

IPE Senior Research Analyst

Portrait of Franco Certeza

Franco Certeza

IPE Program Coordinator

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Christina Liu

IPE Program Coordinator

  • IPE Design Team

    The Design Team is comprised of liaisons from each of the college programs who have students in the IPE Program plus representatives from the Harriet K. and Phillip Pumerantz Library. Members of the Design Team serve as communication conduits with their home programs. They also collaborate with IPE faculty regarding curriculum and implementation. One of the key roles of Design Team member is that of faculty facilitator working with students in virtual large and small groups.

    Anthony Sengul,, College of Pharmacy
    Beth Boynton,, College of Veterinary Medicine
    Christina Liu,, IPE
    Gregory A. Pecchia,, College of Osteopathic Medicine of the Pacific
    Gwendelyn Orozco,, College of Graduate Nursing
    Jacqueline Truong,, College of Podiatric Medicine
    Jamie Parado,, College of Dental Medicine
    Jasmine Yumori,, IPE
    Jeannie Davis,, College of Osteopathic Medicine of the Pacific-Northwest
    Jillian Rivard,, IPE
    John Tegzes,, IPE
    Karin Roback,, College of Health Sciences – DPT
    Keith Boyer,, College of Dental Medicine
    Malika Kachani,, College of Veterinary Medicine
    Naveen Yadav,, College of Optometry
    Phillip Mitchell,, IPE
    Rosana Bravo,, College of Health Sciences – MPH
    Ruth Harris,, Harriet K. and Philip Pumerantz Library
    Sea An,, College of Pharmacy
    Steve Do,, College of Health Sciences – PA
    Zipporah Brown,, College of Health Sciences – DPTOR

  • IPE Implementation Team

    The members of the Implementation Team are typically at the Associate Dean or Department Chair level of administration. They assist the IPE Program by providing facilitators and by collaborating with the IPE Core Team to address administrative issues including communication with their respective Deans.

    Christina Liu,, IPE
    Colleen Talbot,, College of Osteopathic Medicine of the Pacific (COMP) & COMP-Northwest
    Eunice Chung,, College of Pharmacy
    Gwendelyn Orozco,, Graduate College of Nursing
    Harshavardhan Deoghare,, College of Health Sciences – DPT
    Ida Chung,, College of Optometry
    Jacqueline Truong,, College of Podiatric Medicine
    Jasmine Yumori,, IPE
    Jillian Rivard,, IPE
    John Tegzes,, IPE
    Peggy Barr,, College of Veterinary Medicine
    Phillip Mitchell,, IPE
    Roy Guizado,, College of Health Sciences – Physician Assistant
    Sandra Saavedra,, College of Health Sciences – Physical Therapy (OR)
    Shirley Y. Kang,, College of Dental Medicine

  • Participating Colleges

    Students within the IPE Program at WesternU are uniquely positioned to learn from, with, and about students of other health care professions. This is due to the participation of students and faculty from these colleges and programs:

    Partner Institution

    Students enrolled in the Nursing program at Linn-Benton Community College in Lebanon, Oregon also participate in the IPE Program.