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Program Review Overview

Program review is one mechanism by which Western University of Health Sciences routinely evaluates degree and co-curricular programs and associated services to ensure they reflect the standards for quality that are embedded in our mission and values. This evidence-based process engages the faculty, administration, staff, students, and community and professional constituents with the intention facilitating a number of activities and goals to:

  • assist programs in developing or improving appropriate means for assessing student learning outcomes
  • better align department, college, and institutional goals and plans
  • assist in making curricular and other changes to improve program and student learning outcomes
  • identify potential cross-program collaborations
  • inform the university’s overall decision-making, strategic planning, and budgeting processes
  • integrate professional and specialized accreditation reviews with the university’s oversight of and planning for its programs
  • conform to WASC standards for accreditation and expectations for a satisfactory program review process
  • conform to federal guidelines for institutions of higher education
  • Academic Program Review at a Glance


  • WesternU Program Review Milestones

    WesternU’s program review process consists of the following six milestones:



    1 Planning and Preparation Kickoff meeting to establish timelines, roles and responsibilities.
    2 Research Standard data and reports from service units. Additional research planned as needed.
    3 Self-Study Self-study report developed. Formative feedback on draft reports. Involvement of cross-section of stakeholders.
    4 External Review External site visit and team report.
    5 Internal Review Visit results reviewed by Academic Affairs. Development of action plan to address goals set by review.
    6 Annual Follow-Up Joint review by program administration and Academic Affairs. Update of action plan recorded.


  • Co-Curricular Program Review at a Glance


  • Program Review Schedule

    Program Review Schedule