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WesternU / Division of Institutional Shared Services / Office of the Interim Senior Vice President

Office of the Interim Senior Vice President

An african-american woman wearing a scarf and black jacket.

Denise “NeeCee” Cornish, DBA Interim Senior Vice President, Division of Institutional Shared Services

Dr. Cornish joined WesternU in 2001. During her tenure at WesternU, she has held various positions, showcasing her versatility and commitment to professional growth. Her roles have included Database Programmer, Project Manager, Director of Information Systems, Senior Director of Enterprise Applications and Databases, Associate Vice President of Information Technology & Deputy COO, Vice President & Deputy COO, and currently, Interim Senior Vice President of the Division of Institutional Shared Services. Dr. Cornish holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Information Systems, a master’s degree in Business Administration, and a Doctorate in Business Administration with an emphasis in management from Grand Canyon University.
Portrait of Gabriel Valencia-Martinez

Gabriel Valencia-Martinez

Institutional Shared Services

Associate Vice President of Operations

Portrait of Diane Garcia

Diane Garcia

Institutional Shared Services

Executive Assistant/Fiscal & Operations Manager

Portrait of David Sevesind

David Sevesind

Campus Security


Portrait of Todd Clark

Todd Clark

Capital Planning & Construction

Campus Architect, AIA

Portrait of Josue Espino

Josue Espino

Customer Experience and Campus Aesthetics

Executive Director

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Selina Rivera

Environmental Health & Safety


WesternU Seal - Default Image

Cheng Yu Hou

Human Resources

Chief Human Resources Officer

Portrait of Natalie Salaiz-Padilla

Natalie Salaiz-Padilla

Information Technology

Interim Assistant Vice President

Portrait of Matt Curran

Matt Curran

Project Management

IT Project Manager

Portrait of Maribel Frias, MPH

Maribel Frias, MPH

Space Planning & Management

Director of Operations

Portrait of Shelby Reyes

Shelby Reyes

University Policy

Director of Institutional Policy and Compliance Strategy