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New students from the College of Health Sciences during WesternU’s second

Tutorial Assistance Program

About Tutorial Assistance Program (TAP)

The Tutorial Assistance Program (TAP) is committed to helping WesternU students reach their academic goals with the help of compassionate, respectful, resourceful, and experienced peer tutors. Tutoring is an academic support service offered free of charge to all WesternU students. LEAD offers two models of tutoring: a) Small group tutoring: traditional course-specific tutoring offered to qualifying students; and b) Large group reviews: open to all students, typically offered before an exam.



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Complete the tutoring request app. Contact us at if you experience any issues.


Tutees are expected to understand the difference between a content understanding issue and a learning issue. All tutees are required to meet with a LEAD counselor for an opportunity to develop some efficient study skills prior to and each time they request tutoring.


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Determine your tutor eligibility in
Youportal > Quick Links > Student Services.

Tutor access to TutorTrac.
Students contact LEAD.
  • LEAD Tutor Guidelines

    REQUIRED: All income earned from tutoring will be reported to Financial Aid and may affect
    your award amount. To be a tutor, the student must be in good academic standing with their
    college and one of the following:

    • a. Have received a grade of “B” or better in the course(s) tutored.
    • b. Have been recommended by faculty or college representative.
    1. Tutoring is a privilege, not a right.
      • a. As such, tutoring privileges can be revoked at any time by LEAD if the student is
        found in violation of the Tutor Guidelines, or engages in unprofessional or
        unethical behavior.
    2. Tutors responsibilities:
      • a. Tutors are expected to accurately adhere to LEAD policies and procedures. This
        includes the necessary TutorTrac training.
      • b. Tutors are not expected to teach content, but rather answer any unclear concepts
        or questions the students may have after studying.
      • c. Encourage all tutees to discuss their academic concerns with LEAD counselors,
        their Faculty Mentor, and/or the Course Instructor.
      • d. Tutors are expected to be aware of their own knowledge limitations and refer
        students to their Faculty Mentor and/or the Course Instructor for clarification.
    3. Tutor availability
      • a. Since tutors are students themselves, tutors work an average of 4 hours per week
      • b. Depending on assignment, tutors will either work in small groups (up to 15
        students) or large exam reviews (open to entire cohort).
      • c. Lab courses are not covered through TAP.
    4. Tutors are expected to maintain professional behavior, this includes:
      • a. Working with LEAD to coordinate tutoring sessions, dates, and locations.
      • b. Arriving on time and being prepared for the tutoring session.
      • c. Communicating in a timely manner.
      • d. Notifying LEAD of any unauthorized students attending tutoring session.
      • e. Maintaining accurate record keeping.
    5. Individual Tutoring
      • a. LEAD does not offer this accommodation.