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A group of people wearing face masks in a lab.

Incident Reporting

Incidents (e.g., slip, trip, fall, theft, damage, blood borne pathogen exposures, chemical exposure or spill) resulting in personal injury or illness, and/or damage to university property shall be properly reported and investigated in a timely manner.

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Incident Report

To facilitate this process, WesternU uses an electronic reporting format that can be accessed by all members of the university community. To properly document the incident an online Incident Report must be submitted soon after the incident date, preferably within 24 hours. Log in using your WesternU credentials (username and password). This way your report will be properly filed with Risk Management, and someone will be in contact with you for further information if necessary.

Staff and faculty who are assigned responsibility for an activity shall immediately investigate and report all occurrences (incidents, near miss, accidents, and illnesses).

It is the responsibility of all members of WesternU to take appropriate action to help ensure a safe and healthy environment for event participants. In some cases, there may be state and/or federal rules and regulations that apply. In all cases, the responsible party for any event must promptly investigate and report all incidents causing injury/illness or property loss. Incident/accident investigation is a team effort, and will often involve personnel from Risk Management, Environmental Health & Safety, Campus Security, Facilities and Physical Plant, and other departments and individuals.

Fill out an Incident Report