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WesternU / Office of Legal Affairs / University Risk Management / Volunteers, Minors, and Events on Campus

Volunteers, Minors, and Events on Campus

Volunteers on Campus

The use of Volunteers should be supplemental and not serve to displace or substitute work that is presently being performed by University employees. Volunteer arrangements may not be used in lieu of the established processes that govern standard University-authorized hires. Departments that want to use volunteers must complete and submit a Volunteer Registration Form to Risk Management and ensure that the individual meets the requirements outlined in the Volunteers on Campus Policy. Contact Risk Management to obtain the required Volunteer on Campus documents. Risk Management will review the information to determine if the volunteer applicant meets the Volunteers on Campus Policy.

An individual is acting as a volunteer if the service provided meets the following conditions:

  • The service is provided directly to the University; and
  • The service is performed under the University’s control and supervision; and
  • The service is uncompensated; the volunteer is not paid, derives no academic recognition or any other tangible benefit though volunteers may be reimbursed for transportation, meals, and other incidental expenses.

Departments that utilize the services of volunteers must take appropriate measures to mitigate risks to the volunteers themselves and to the University, its students, faculty, staff, and guests who avail themselves of the services of volunteers. Depending upon the risk involved, this may include providing special training or supervision, personal protective equipment and/or require certifications, immunizations, health assessments, special internal control procedures, and/or criminal background checks. Departments must employ the same measures with volunteers as they would with employees to mitigate and eliminate the risks associated with their activities and they must adhere to University policy and applicable state and Federal law.

Minors on Campus

WesternU is committed to the welfare and safety of all persons who participate in University-sponsored events. Minors are a particularly vulnerable population; therefore, WesternU takes extra precautions to protect minors who participate in WesternU sponsored events. It is the responsibility of departments to address the risks inherent in activities involving minors by application of best practices.

Best practices are guidelines and rules of behavior that will reduce and/or eliminate risk exposures. When departments are aware of and employ best practices, they will be better able to protect the children in their care and more effectively mitigate the exposures created by their youth programs. Best Practices.

Events on Campus

Events and activities are an integral part of the WesternU experience; however, because events and activities may result in an actual or perceived increase of risk to WesternU or to the participants, they may need additional scrutiny and review to minimize risk. This is to ensure that appropriate measures may be taken to shift, reduce or insure acceptable risks. All departments sponsoring or facilitating events are required to consult with the Office of Risk Management to identify and establish a risk mitigation plan.

The Office of Risk Management will be your partner in identifying potential exposures or losses and developing the most effective plans and solutions for your event or activity.

Our goal is to minimize the risk of loss to WesternU by:

  • Identifying sources of potential loss
  • Assessing the impact of potential losses
  • Selecting or recommending risk management options
  • Implementing risk management strategies
  • Monitoring risk management solutions for effectiveness