Harriet K. and Philip Pumerantz Library

Remote Access

When the library subscribes to a database or an electronic journal, we must sign a license agreement with the vendor of that resource. The agreements provide that content can be served to any computer connected to the WesternU Network, but that remote access via a proxy server may be granted to authorized users only. “Authorized users” are WesternU’s currently enrolled students, faculty, and staff.

The Library’s license agreements with vendors of electronic resources also stipulate that it is the responsibility of individual users to ensure that electronic resources are used for personal and/or educational non-commercial purposes without systematically downloading, printing, distributing, retaining substantial portions, or sharing of password information.

Obtaining a Proxy Password

If you are an authorized user, your WesternU Network username and password will grant you access to our restricted resources. If you do not have a network username and password, please contact the library at (909) 469-5323.

Using the Proxy Server

To use the library’s Electronic Resources visit https://www.westernu.edu/library-electronic-resources. From this page you will find links to bibliographic and full-text databases. You may also use the E-Journal/E-Book Search box to browse full-text e-journals

If you are connected to a computer off-campus and click on a link to a resource that is restricted for use, you will be directed to a web page that will ask you for your proxy server username and password. The web page is titled “Connecting to WesternU’s EZ Proxy Server”. From here you will enter your WesternU Network credentials and click the “Submit” button. You will then be granted access to the restricted resource.

Proxy Server Troubleshooting

Below are common problems people encounter when accessing remote content. Provided are possible solutions to these problems. If you continue to have access problems please call the library at (909) 469-5323.

Problem: The resource you are using is telling you that your institution does not subscribe to the restricted content.

Solution: Are you using the library’s Electronic Resources web page as your starting point for access? Each subscription E-Journal or Database is linked to our Electronic Resources page using a special URL that routes you through the proxy server. If you directly type in a web site address into your browser you will not be asked for a proxy server password and will not have permission to use the resource.

Problem: You have already entered in the proxy password and have been granted access to the database you wish to search. You are trying to access a full-text article within the database but are told your institution does not have access.

Solution: In some instances the library subscribes to only a portion of the full-text material within a database. An example is ScienceDirect. ScienceDirect offers 23 full-text subject collections. Our institution subscribes to 6 subject collections. One way to check if the library has an electronic subscription to a journal is to use the E-Journal/E-Book Search available on the library’s Electronic Resources webpage.

Problem: I have followed all of the above troubleshooting advice and I am still unable to access the library’s E-Resources remotely.

Solution: Please e-mail the following information to reference@westernu.edu so we can troubleshoot the issue.

  • Please copy and paste the error message if any into the email.
  • What database and/or article are you trying to access?
  • What Internet browser and version number are you using?