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You Have Questions. We Have Answers.

Please explore the questions and answers below to learn what many of our prospective students are concerned about. If you still have questions, please contact us.

  • Admissions

    Question: How can I request an application packet?
    Visit the apply now page for step-by-step instructions regarding how to download or request hard copy application documents.

    Question: If I live out of state can I attend?
    Yes. The program is ideal for people living in distant or remote areas.

    Question: Do you give preference to California residents?
    No. We are a private institution and do not have to meet certain resident enrollment standards that state institutions must meet.

    Question: Is tuition the same for in-state and out-of-state residents?
    Yes. Tuition costs are the same for all students within the same program. Visit the financing my education page for more information on tuition, scholarships and loan options.

    Question: What if I haven’t been in school for a long time?
    Many of our students have not been in school for a long time. We find that adults do very well with our learning model as it is designed for the working professional who has typically been out of school for a while.

    Question: Do the reference forms have to be turned in with the application packet?
    We prefer that the forms be sent to our office by the person writing the recommendation. If you submit the reference forms with your application, they must each be in a sealed envelope with the person’s signature across the seal.

    Question: May I submit more than the required number of reference forms?
    Only two reference forms are required; however, if you would like to submit additional recommendation letters, it is advisable to limit them to two or three extra.

    Question: Can I replace a reference form with a recommendation letter?
    No. Your application file requires three completed reference forms. Recommendation letters are optional. Please refer to the apply now page to download the correct forms.

    Question: Do I need to plan for an interview as part of the admissions process?
    You may receive a phone interview if the Admission’s Committee needs more information.

    Question: When are acceptance letters typically mailed?
    Should you be accepted, you can expect to hear from us within approximately two to three weeks after the interview.

    Question: If I receive and accept a seat offer early in the application period, will the University stay connected with me?
    Yes. The Office of Admissions and the College of Graduate Nursing will keep in contact with you via email. You will also have an opportunity to participate in certain college events before you matriculate in the fall, such as Seminar Weekend.

  • Prerequisites

    Question: What are the admission requirements for the ADN-MSN program?
    Please review the requirements web page for more information on the ADN-MSN prerequisites.

    Question: What should I do if my GPA is not at least 3.0?
    Include in your personal statement an explanation for your low GPA. We will review your personal statement and possibly interview you by phone or in person. Occasionally, we recommend retaking courses with low grades to improve your GPA.

    Question: Can I talk to a counselor about my prerequisite coursework?
    Yes. Contact the admissions office by phone at (909) 469-5335 or by e-mail to ask a question.

  • Online Application

    Question: How do I check my application status online?
    You can check your application status by visiting the application status page.

    Question: What if I want to change information on my application after I have completed it?
    You may not change answers or documents submitted with your application, but you may upload additional, supplemental materials. To do so, visit the application status page and use the “Upload Materials” section of the page to submit your supplemental materials.

    Question: What if I want to apply to more than one program? Do I need to create a new account?
    You can apply to multiple programs using a single account. Visit our online application, log in, and click “Start New Application” at the bottom of the page.

    Question: What address should I use if I need to mail any additional application materials?
    For official transcripts please mail to:
    Western University of Health Sciences
    Attn: Admissions Operations/program you are applying for (MSMS, MSNE, MSPS, etc.)
    309 E Second Street
    Pomona, CA 91766

    For unofficial documents, please upload to the online application as indicated in the application instructions.

    Question: How do I pay my application fee?
    All application fees require payments made by credit card. Only cards with Visa and Master Card logos will be accepted. No checks, money orders, or cash will be accepted for payment of application fees.

    Question: What if I do not have a Visa or Master Card?
    Payment may be made with a Visa or Master Card prepaid gift card which can be purchased at many major chain stores or online. Please be aware that the gift card must contain a balance sufficient to cover the application fee in one full payment.

    Question: Are fee waivers accepted?
    Payment is required at time of application, if a fee waiver is approved a reimbursement will be issued.

    Question: How do I withdraw my application?
    You may withdraw your application by visiting the application status page. Scroll to the bottom of your application and select withdraw my application.

    Question: How do I delete an application I accidentally started?
    Applicants cannot delete their own application once started. Please submit a request to Admissions Operations at AO@westernu.eduto have it deleted.

    Question: I have applied to more than one program. How do I check my application status for multiple applications?
    You can check your application status by visiting the application status page. Select the application you wish to view from the drop down menu located on the right hand side.

  • Other

    Question: What are the benefits of completing a master’s degree in nursing?
    Master’s-prepared nurses find greater job satisfaction from having greater autonomy in their daily practice. A wider range of job career options becomes available. You are able to make a greater contribution to the care of your patients-both because our program gives you the conceptual, clinical, and leadership tools to care for “the whole patient,” and prepares you for health systems leadership as a leader/manager or CNL.

    Nurses who became established in the field before the threshold of educational requirements increased are now finding that many state regulating agencies are requiring master’s level preparation in order to continue in leadership and advanced practice roles.

    Question: How does the program work?
    Your first year of study primarily includes courses that are equivalent with what you would have received during baccalaureate education preparation, as well as role transition courses. These courses are often referred to as “bridge” courses to prepare you for graduate-level study. Additionally, the CNL track includes CNL clinical experience coursework during the second and third semesters. The second year includes graduate courses, focusing on the specialty track that you choose (Leader/Manager or CNL). Visit the examine the curriculum page for details.

    Question: Once a student, if I ask a question about the coursework, how quickly can I expect a response?
    Our standard is that a response will occur within 72 hours. Faculty are available via phone and e-mail to clarify any questions.

    Question: As an ADN-MSN student, how will my progress be assessed?
    All courses require scholarly papers, case studies, presentations, and group participation for problem solving or research. While knowledge is considered the foundation of decision-making, knowledge alone does not assure correlation understanding. Thus, through problem-based learning exercises, online clinical cases, oral presentations, and interactive topical discussions, nursing faculty are able to measure and monitor the acquisition of knowledge, values, self-reflection, and ethical decision making. You must achieve at least a B (80 percent) in each didactic course in order to receive credit.

    Question: Can I work and attend graduate school at the same time?
    Yes. You are encouraged to continue working in your RN role. Students in the ADN-MSN Program are able to work full time if they choose while working on their graduate degree. Students who work full time have been very successful in our program. A strong support system (at work and at home) and good organizational skills are helpful.

    Question: Will I be awarded a BSN?
    As an ADN to MSN student, you will not be awarded a BSN. However, with our accelerated hybrid/online learning program you will be able to work full time and receive your MSN, ultimately achieving a higher terminal degree.

    Question: How long will it take to obtain my MSN?
    Our program is designed with the working nurse in mind. Depending upon the selected track, and whether you chose to do full time or an extended curriculum, you could achieve your MSN in 2 or 3 years.

    Question: After I graduate do I have to take a standardized exam before beginning to practice?
    No, not for practice in most states. See your state’s Board of Nursing for specific requirements.

    Question: How can I learn more about the financial aid available to me?
    For more information regarding tuition, financial aid and scholarships, please visit the financing my education page.