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WesternU / Pet Health Care / WAVE Program / Donate to a WesternU CVM Program

Donate to a WesternU CVM Program

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Donate To The WAVE Program

Thank you for your consideration to donate to the Willed deceased Animals for Veterinary Education (WAVE) Program. Every donation plays an integral part in not only upholding our College’s mission to never harm animals for the sake of education, but also supports the education of future veterinarians who will go on to be compassionate, experienced veterinarians. Your donation today can help countless animals tomorrow.

You may request to donate directly through your veterinarian, or connect to our WAVE Coordinator who will help you understand the process.
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Establish A Pet Trust

Pet owners facing uncertainty about the future care of their animals in the event of their own incapacity or passing may explore incorporating specific provisions into their estate plans. One effective method is to create a charitable remainder unitrust, providing assurance for their pets’ well-being in unforeseen circumstances. Simplifying this process, WesternU’s Planned Giving Office stands ready to offer guidance and assistance.

To learn more, please e-mail the University Advancement Office:
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Pet Memorial Program

The Pet Memorial Program (PMP) was developed to assist those who do not wish to participate in the WAVE program, but still wish to support the education of the next generation of compassionate, skilled veterinary healers while memorializing the relationship that existed with cherished pets. The death of a pet is a significant event for everyone involved, with the void created by such a loss stimulating memories of fulfillment, joy and friendship that developed over a lifetime of companionship. Many choose to seek opportunities to enhance the meaning of their loss by memorializing such an important relationship through donation.