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Radiation Safety

About Radiation Safety At WesternU

WesternU’s radiation safety program was established to assist researchers who need to use small quantities of radioactive material to do so in a safe and environmentally friendly manner in accordance with Title 17 of the California Code of Regulations and Title 10 of the Code of Federal Regulations.

The State of California has issued WesternU a Radioactive Material License (RML) that sets limits on the types and amounts of radioactive material that can be possessed by the University. The license also lists the names of those persons whose training and experience has been reviewed and who are approved by the State to use, or supervise the use of, radioactive material. Only those persons named on the license are authorized by the University to acquire radioactive material.

State regulations require that WesternU have a Radiation Safety Committee (RSC) to (1) review and approve of the uses of radioactive material; (2) establish procedures for the safe handling of such material; and (3) ensure the proper disposal of radioactive waste material. Regulations also require WesternU to appoint a Radiation Safety Officer (RSO), named in the license, to manage the radiation safety program and to provide leadership and oversight over all uses of radioactive material within the jurisdiction of the University. The RSO has delegated authority to prohibit the use of radioactive material by persons who do not meet the necessary requirements or when there is a safety concern. An Alternate RSO must also be named in the RML. The RSO and Alternate RSO must be members of the RSC.

The present RSO is Beatrice Saviola ( present Alternate RSO is pending.

The RSC meets annually and as necessary to review new applications for the use of radioactive material and to review the radiation protection program content and its implementation. This includes a review of the Radiation Policy & Safety Manual and an audit of the possession, use, storage and disposal of radioactive material to ensure that all applicable regulations are followed.

You must apply to use radioactive material

Investigators who wish to use radioactive material must submit an Application for Use of Radioactive Material and a Statement of Training and Experience to the RSC for review and approval prior to acquiring radioactive material. Links to both of these forms may be found below under Radiation Safety Resources. The RSO must submit the Statement of Training and Experience to the Radiologic Health Branch of the California Department of Public Health for review and approval before the applicant’s name is added to the RML. This process can take several months so early submission is encouraged.


    Persons who wish to acquire or work with radioactive material must first successfully complete WesternU’s on-line Radiation Safety Course through Questions regarding required training please contact the Office of Research Regulatory Affairs at

    Investigators may not obtain or work with radioactive material until they have met all of the above requirements and have been notified by the RSO that they are approved to do so. Failure to abide by this policy may result in loss of privileges.



    FORMS: Contact Office of Research Regulatory Affairs for the following:

    • Application for Use of Radioactive Material
    • Radioactive Shipment Receipt Form
    • Statement of Training and Experience