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Website Roadmap



Digital Magazine Website

The web service team plans to start working on the digital magazine website. Our goal is to establish a dynamic platform with innovative features and unparalleled user experiences that allows colleges to showcase their articles and stories in a captivating and mobile-friendly format:

  • To provide colleges with an exceptional platform to highlight their rich content and effectively engage their audience.

Release date: 01/30/2024


Web Redesign Project

We are on track to finalize the Web Redesign Project successfully. Our dedicated web service team has been tirelessly working on this initiative since 2020, undertaking a comprehensive redesign of the website:

  • Revamping the site’s theme
  • Refreshing the content across more than 1600 pages
  • Migration of over 500 admission pages from the prospective website
  • Collaborating with colleges, divisions, and departments from California and Oregon
  • Extensive training sessions to equip our web content editors with the necessary skills
  • Incorporation of new media assets
  • Implementation of SEO best practices – optimize meta descriptions, URL structure, use of relevant keywords
  • Creation of a search tool designed to help users find clubs and programs easily

Release date: 02/10/2024


New Website Components

We are excited to announce our upcoming plans to enhance the main WesternU website with an innovative and dynamic feature – a complete revamp of the visual elements and video integration, and a streamlined data management system:

  • Add depth and vibrancy with video backgrounds for select components
  • Collaborate with IRE to efficiently manage all data facts assuring accuracy, relevance and timely information

Release date: 04/05/2024


Google Tag Manager

We are implementing a robust Google Tag Manager (GTM) strategy that will change the way we collect and analyze data on our website. This comprehensive approach will provide us with an abundance of valuable insights and enable us to track specific events with precision:

  • Enhanced visibility into user interactions
  • Data on user behavior, engagement, conversions
  • Informed decisions: call-to-action component and website media aspects
  • Optimize digital marketing efforts

Release date: 04/30/2024


Faculty and Staff Bio Tool

We are embarking on an exciting initiative to revamp our current faculty and staff bio tool in collaboration with the IT department, enhancing the functionality and user experience of this essential feature on our website. Through this revamp, we aim to introduce multiple modifications that will significantly improve the tool’s capabilities:

  • Enable individual to directly manage their bio
  • Enable individual to directly upload curriculum vitae (CV)
  • Automated update of position titles directly from Banner to the bio
  • Immediate updates will provide accurate and timely information to the public

Release date: 06/30/2024


WesternU Health Redesign

The web service team is embarking on an exciting journey to launch a captivating redesign of the WesternU Health website to enhance the overall user experience. This ambitious project encompasses a range of crucial elements to ensure the site reflects the latest trends in patient care’s online presence:

  • Active collaboration with clinics and stakeholders
  • Create compelling, informative, and user-centric content
  • Effectively communicate the unique value proposition of WesternU Health
  • Review and optimize website structure
  • Align with best practices, prioritizing branding consistency and backend simplicity
  • Use of skilled photographers and videographers to create visually appealing media assets

westernu health

Release date: 08/01/2024