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Steering Committee

The Committee will advise the President on positioning the University for strength in the coming decade by:

  • Using situational analysis, informed by research data, to identify institutional and college-level challenges and opportunities in the internal and external environment.  
  • Prioritizing areas for short- and long-term investment.  
  • Intentionally building an ethnically, racially, and culturally diverse healthcare workforce of excellence through collaborations and strategic partnerships to improve the quality and delivery of healthcare nationally and globally.  
  • Developing criteria and benchmarks for assessing progress toward WesternU’s strategic goals.

The committee will fulfill its charge by:  

  • Developing a roadmap for WesternU’s strategic path forward and setting the trajectory for college-level plans based on the challenges and opportunities of each academic unit.    
  • Working collaboratively with students, staff, faculty, and alumni to support academic and administrative units in creating a framework that outlines the strategic path forward and supports their alignment with a university-wide plan.  
  • In the practice of shared governance, collaborating with students, staff, faculty, alumni, and other key stakeholders via a comprehensive outreach and engagement strategy.  
  • Reviewing campus feedback and survey research findings.  
  • Membership
    • Dr. Robin Farias-Eisner, President
    • Jill Ferreira, AVP of Operations and Chief of Staff to the President (Project Manager)
    • Dr. Paula M. Crone, Provost and Chief Academic Officer (Co-Chair)
    • Dr. Suresh Appavoo, VP for Humanism, Equity and Anti-Racism (Co-Chair)
    • Dr. Stephanie Bowlin, SVP of Institutional Engagement, Planning, and Effectiveness (Co-Chair)
    • Dr. Hyma Gogineni, Associate Professor and Vice Chair, Academic Senate (Co-Chair)
    • Dr. Bradley Henson, Interim SVP, Research & Biotechnology (Co-Chair)
    • Joshua McFarlen, CFO and Treasurer (Co-Chair)
    • Eva Badouin, Senior Director of Student Services 
    • Dr. Nicole Biltz, Instructor
    • Alejandra Cervantes-Ramirez, Operations Associate
    • Dr. Denise (NeeCee) Cornish, AVP and Deputy Chief Operating Officer
    • Dr. Todd Eckel, AVP for Admissions and Enrollment
    • Dr. Mirabelle Fernandes Paul, AVP of University Student Affairs WesternU Oregon 
    • Dr. Beverly Guidry, SVP of Student Affairs
    • Dr. Clive Houston-Brown, SVP and Chief Operating Officer
    • Dr. Jonathan Labovitz, Dean, College of Podiatric Medicine 
    • Dr. Mary Lopez, Dean, College of Graduate Nursing
    • Simone Miller, Senior University Counsel
    • Jessica Nguyen, SGA Vice President
    • Dr. Juan Ramirez, AVP for Institutional Research and Effectiveness
    • Riley Thomas, SGA Secretary
    • Theresa Tibbs, Chief Human Resources Officer