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The sun sets at WesternU, showing the Esplanada and the Anderson Tower with newly lighted signs.
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Vision & Mission


To continue to flourish as a pioneering institution that has enjoyed phenomenal growth we must build on our foundation in humanistic health sciences, The WesternU Way – the caring, respect, empathy, and trust that have ever made us so innovative, audacious and nimble. This bedrock of values informs all that we do, ensuring our work is ever a beacon that reflects compassion as we serve our communities.

The University must strengthen our strategic pillars to elaborate and evolve our mission. Thus across horizons of the next five and 10 years, we can build on Big Opportunities carefully selected from an array of wonderful possibilities.

We will realize select opportunities via five strategic pillars built upon the sturdy foundation that is The WesternU Way:

  • Educational Excellence & Online Learning – Students are why there is a WesternU. We focus on total student experience and curricula optimized to the learners of today.
  • Interprofessionalism – Healthcare and education is a group effort. We focus on inclusive teamwork at all levels to assure our students come to provide expert, inclusive, value-based care.
  • Collaboration & Partnerships – Healthcare and education is a social endeavor. We focus on affinity and alignment with other universities, health systems, community organizations, and outside innovators.
  • Innovation & Operational Excellence – Health care and education faces considerable disruption. We focus on creating an adaptable culture of innovation, strong financial stewardship, strategic planning, and building core competencies in executive enterprise leadership and management.
  • Revenue Diversity – Healthcare and education is unsustainably expensive. We focus on expanded philanthropy, new tuition sources (new campuses, colleges, degree programs), and corporate sponsorship of innovation and technology transfer efforts to move them to commercial success.

Hand-in-hand with our core mission of educating future health care practitioners, Western University of Health Sciences will foster rapid evolution of key aspects of governance and operations so that our missions of education, research, and service continue to abundantly flourish.


To produce, in a humanistic tradition, health care professionals and biomedical knowledge that will enhance and extend the quality of life in our communities.

Approved by the WesternU Board of Trustees, May, 2005.