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WesternU / Bursar / Policies and Forms / Mobile Credit Card Machine Rental Information and Terms of Agreement

Mobile Credit Card Machine Rental Information and Terms of Agreement

Mobile Credit Card Machine Rental

A wireless credit card machine can be rented from the Bursar Office for any university held events (STUDENT EVENTS NOT INCLUDED). The funds for this event will be transferred to a FOAPAL provided by the departments. To rent the machine you must do the following:

Before the Event

  1. Check for availability of Mobile Credit Card Machines (Labeled A and B).
  2. Fill out the Mobile Credit Card Machine Rental Form with all information, signatures and the FOAPAL.
  3. Using the demo
    site below to get familiar with the terminal:
    Waiting on Company Update

Day(s) of the Event

If your reserved
day is on a weekend,
you must pick up the machine on Friday before 5:00PM. Otherwise pick up the machine on the reserved day and time. Instructions are as follows:

  1. Pick up the credit card reader from the Bursar Office. The machine will be in a bag along with instructions for use.
  2. Proceed to your event using the mobile credit card machine.
  3. If your event lasts for more than one day, and you are keeping the machine overnight, it must be kept in a locked environment.
  4. After all transactions have been entered, close out the batch and keep a copy of the settlement. Instructions for this are included in the bag with the machine.
  5. If you do not close out the batch, the bank will not process the payments. No transactions will be recognized, because all of the information is still stored on the machine. You must batch out the machine for you to get your money (settlement receipt).
  6. If you have the machine for multiple days you must batch out the machine daily or you
    may incur additional merchant fees by the bank (please put each batch in different


  1. Be courteous of others using the machine and return the machine in a timely manner to the Bursar Office.
  2. All receipts and a copy of the batch settlement(s) in the provided envelope(s) must be included.
  3. Please ensure that everything that was in the bag when you picked it up is returned, including the instructions.

The proceeds of the event(s), minus a rental fee of $50 per unit, will be deposited in the FOAPAL provided within 10 working days. A sales report will be sent to you for your records if any. Also please note at the end of each month the credit card charges (merchant fees) per bank will be charged to your department using the XXXX-XXX-70820-XX.

  • Wireless Credit Card Machine Rental Procedures and Guidelines Terms of Agreement

    The Bursar Office agrees to allow you to use equipment for the purpose of collecting monies and processing credit cards under the following conditions. The departments needing the equipment agree to pay the $50 per wireless machine. The system will accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and ATM; it will not accept American Express. The renters will be required to pick up the equipment and return the equipment immediately after each event ended (the next day if after the business hours). The representative of the renting department will be required to do a face-to-face Credit Card Security Training
    prior to checking out the machine.

    The renting department will be responsible for submitting any cash, coins, and checks to the Bursar’s Office. A signed copy of the credit card receipt needs to be retained for our records. The renter
    will submit all credit card receipts, the batch total receipt, and the equipment to the Bursar Office at the end of the event. All equipment must be stored in a locked and secure area when not being used. Equipment can be collected from and returned to the Bursar’s Office in the business Center Monday-Friday between the hours of 8AM and 5PM.

    Lost, damaged, and/or vandalized equipment is the responsibility of the renting department. The renting department will pay for all repairs pertaining to the damage/vandalism; this shall include
    repair/replacement cost, shipping, handling, and administrative expenses.

    Renters are responsible for all returns processed through the machines.