IT Steering Committee

The primary role of the Western University of Health Sciences IT Steering Committee is to review recommendations put forward by the four subcommittees within the IT Governance Structure and decide which should move forward based on financial and mission Return on Investment (ROI). Secondary roles of the IT Steering Committee include policy review and approval, project prioritization and resource allocation (financial and human), and ensuring accountability for outcomes through the establishment of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and metrics for approved projects.

The IT Steering Committee will be composed of members of the President’s Senior Leadership Team, with the chairs of the IT Governance subcommittees participating on the Committee in ex-officio roles.


Portrait of Clive Houston-Brown, EdD

Clive Houston-Brown, EdD

Senior Vice President & Chief Operating Officer/CTO


Portrait of Diane Abraham, PhD, CFRE

Diane Abraham, PhD, CFRE

Senior Vice President for Advancement

Portrait of Devendra Agrawal, PhD

Devendra Agrawal, PhD

Senior Vice President for Research and Biotechnology

Portrait of David Baron, DO, MSEd

David Baron, DO, MSEd

Senior Vice President & Provost

Portrait of Stephanie Bowlin, EdD, PA, DFAAPA

Stephanie Bowlin, EdD, PA, DFAAPA

Chief of Mission Integration

Portrait of Beverly Guidry, EdD

Beverly Guidry, EdD

Senior Vice President for University Student Affairs

Portrait of Joshua McFarlen, CPA, CA, MPAcc

Joshua McFarlen, CPA, CA, MPAcc

Interim Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer


Portrait of Tim Wood, DHSc, PA-C

Tim Wood, DHSc, PA-C

Chair, Educational Technologies Subcommittee

Portrait of Devendra Agrawal, PhD

Devendra Agrawal, PhD

Chair, Research Technologies Subcommittee

Portrait of Juan Ramirez, PhD

Juan Ramirez, PhD

Chair, Enterprise Applications & Databases Subcommittee

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Simone Miller, JD

Chair, IT security, Risk, & Compliance Subcommittee