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IT Governance

Information Technology (IT) Governance

Following an external IT maturity at Western University of Health Sciences, a strategic initiative was launched to develop a comprehensive IT governance structure. This initiative, starting in early 2019, involved extensive consultations with faculty, staff, and students to create a governance model tailored to the university’s health sciences focus.

The result was a core IT Steering Committee supported by four specialized subcommittees, each led by a functional leader to ensure a mission-centric approach. This structure aimed to streamline IT decision-making and project funding across the university.

Building on this strong foundation, the university proactively established the IT Governance Prioritization Working Group in Spring 2024. This forward-thinking move was designed to further enhance decision-making processes, focusing on the strategic alignment of IT projects and the optimal allocation of resources. This initiative reflects the university’s commitment to continuous improvement and its dedication to leveraging IT governance as a catalyst for achieving its strategic goals.

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Project Definition, Request and Workflow

Any body of work that is temporary and has any combination of the following: it requires 80+ hours of IT resource time, requires coordination from 2+ divisions, requires coordination with 2+ IT resources, or has hard costs of $25,000+ where the work effort also exceeds $25,000.

**Note – one of the 2+ divisions requiring coordination does include IT