Welcome International Scholars

A nation’s treasure is in its scholars ~ Chinese Proverb

The International Scholar Relations Office’s mission is to advance, in the humanistic tradition of Western University of Health Sciences, the internationalism of our campus by promoting world-wide recognition in research and knowledge through shared values, initiatives and scientific exchange.  Our commitment is to foster a greater understanding and appreciation for other cultures and traditions in the quest for mutual understanding between countries of the world.  We are the official University office responsible primarily for assisting employees and guest researchers in obtaining and maintaining legal immigration status.  We are committed to providing professionally competent and culturally sensitive services to our international community at WesternU, while maintaining the regulatory integrity of our status as a sponsoring institution of J-1, H-1B and Lawful Permanent Residency (green card) petitions.

We welcome international scholars to our community, where respect, caring and compassion are values we share with one another.  If we can assist you, please do not hesitate to contact us!






Sherry Bale, 
Responsible Officer




Geri Abracosa
Alternate Responsible Officer

Revised 2/2019


This webpage is intended to assist the international employee or guest researcher in a general way with regard to the process for obtaining and maintaining legal immigration status. We recommend that you do not consider the information contained herein as an exclusive source of reference for making decisions affecting your legal status in the United States or your right to study, teach, conduct research or work at Western University of Health Sciences.