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Programs & Events

OISS provides support services and programming to meet needs of WesternU’s international community. This includes providing programs and activities around cultural adjustment and integration, social connection, self and crisis care, and diversity education.

International Orientation

OISS organizes orientation and welcome events for all incoming international students and scholars. These events aim to help international students and scholars transition to their new life at WesternU and in the U.S. and to provide them with required information to help understand their visa status requirements and responsibilities to maintain legal student visa status.

International Coffee Hour

International Coffee Hour is an opportunity for international students, scholars, faculty, and staff to engage in conversations and make friends in a casual and comfortable environment.

Seasonal Workshops

OISS provides seasonal workshops to address hot topics such as visa & travel. employment rights & responsibilities, and immigration compliance.

Cultural Field Trips

OISS organizes fun and informative field trips. These trips will be a great way to explore different parts of Pomona and the surrounding area.