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Parking Overview

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Facilities, Security and Payroll work jointly to streamline the parking process for everyone. The following is a guide to which type of parking is available to different categories of persons on campus. Employees or students who do not have WesternU parking permits do not have access to Western University of Health Sciences parking. No permit holders are guaranteed parking either in the university parking structure or specific lots with the exception of “Reserved” permit holders.


Students – may purchase a WesternU Student annual or semester vehicle/motorcycle parking permit for Western University student parking lots and the parking structure. (See parking map at https://www.westernu.edu/campusmap/) Bicycles may be parked in the bicycle racks next to HPC & HEC without a permit. Motorcycle parking is behind the University Services Center and marked spaces in the University Parking Structure. Please refer to the Student Parking page for parking lot hours. NMM/OMM PDT Fellows – These persons are considered students and must purchase a WesternU Student parking permit or use Daily Permit Parking.


Employee – Employees of Western University of Health Sciences may purchase a WesternU parking permit or use City Daily Permit parking. Temporary worker – Temporary workers hired by Western University may purchase a WesternU parking permit or use City Daily Permit parking. As the parking permit charge is pro-rated, the charge will end at the end of employment (one week in advance required). Temporary workers hired hired through an agency must use City Daily Permit parking. Distance Faculty – 1-2 weeks a month, may purchase a WesternU Parking Permit or use City Daily Permit parking. Fellows / Residents – on contract through Payroll – purchase WesternU parking permit or use City Daily Permit parking. (If any person fits the employee category, they do not receive Adjunct Faculty parking.)

Visitors – Persons who have access to Visitor Parking

(to be scheduled through the Resource Scheduler or Parking@westernu.edu email)

1. Alumni – to assist with interviews. 2. Board of Trustees Member 3. Employee Interviews – persons here to interview for employment. 4. Guest Speakers/Lecturers – for student clubs, or lectures not required by the academic curriculum, etc. 5. People visiting a person on campus for professional reasons, attending a meeting, etc.

 Groups to Utilize “City Public Metered Parking” (formerly Daily Permit)

(The following groups were previously scheduled through the Resource Scheduler. They are now required to use City Public Metered Parking.) The city Public Metered Parking is located in city lot #12, this lot is behind the Subway on Gibbs between 1st and 2nd streets. Prospective students – attending Campus Tours/Info Sessions. Remediation Students – returning to take exam 2nd time or to attend didactic programs of less than a semester’s duration. Research / Lab Assistants – (if not a Western U employee) – may request reimbursement at the discretion of the lab director. Residents/Postdoctoral Fellows – not employed by Western U. Students returning from Rotations – for a didactic program of a short duration (i.e., less than a semester). Groups of students returning for “rotations” may purchase “Rotations Parking Permits”. The college rotations scheduler should send an email to “Bursars Office” at least 3 weeks before the first week of rotations to facilitate printing of the permits. Costs are associated with the total days on campus. If the rotations permit is not purchased the student may not park on campus except in Daily Permit parking. Student Interviewees – for Admissions.

Adjunct Faculty


Public Metered Parking Guide

Information for Day and Evening Parking For daytime use only Lot # 12 is available adjacent to campus. This lot is located behind the IT Training Lab on Gibbs, between 1st and 2nd Streets. City spaces in this lot are “Public Metered” (pay) parking 7 days a week and 24 hours a day. The first 2 hours of parking are free but you are Required to register your parking space number in the permit machine no matter how long you are staying. When you purchase this parking between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. the fee is $2.00 for the day. If you purchase the parking after 7:00 p.m. the fee is $1.00.  The machine accepts coins, bills, Visa and MasterCard. Public Metered parking is also available in other lots surrounding campus in the evenings and on weekends. Instructions: 1.  Note the number of the space that you have parked in. 2. The Daily Permit box is stationed near the entrance to the lot.  Go to the box and enter your space number. 3. Enter the number of hours you will be parking. The machine will give you the fee amount and ask you to pay if applicable. 4 You may request a receipt although the city does not require it to be displayed.

Vendor Parking

There are vendor parking spots in lot 17 near the bookstore and one in lot 21 next to the Purchasing dock. Vendors will be directed by security as to where they may park. If you are expecting a vendor, please arrange their parking through the Parking@WesternU.edu email. You may also request vendor parking if you have made a room reservation on Resource Scheduler under the facilities section. 

Other Information

Disabled: Persons with “accessible” (disabled) placards may park in any WesternU lot with a valid WesternU parking permit. Reserved Parking: There are reserved parking spots (with signage posted). Only the designated person may park there. These spaces are located in the employee lots and the University Parking Structure. First Street: No employees or Guests may park on First Street. Designated areas are for Amtrak and Student Permit parking only. Evening and Weekend Parking: On our campus all parking must be arranged through parking@westernu.edu (or though the Resource Scheduler for scheduled reservations). You and your guests may not park in “Reserved” marked spaces. Certain lots have restricted hours. Invalid permits: are subject to ticket or tow by the city. Blank parking permits will not be provided to anyone. Note: There is no overnight parking on campus.

Visitor Scheduling Information

Visitors parking may be requested by employees only, students may not request guest parking but must request this through Student Affairs. There are two ways to schedule guests: 1. Resource Scheduler Reservation 2. Parking email Visitors for Non-Reserved rooms/areas (not available on the Resource Scheduler) These visits need to be scheduled via the “Parking” email Parking@WesternU.edu (whether for 1 or 100+) Process: Submit an email requesting parking via the Parking@WesternU.edu email and provide the following information. 1) Date of arrival 2) Time of expected arrival 3) Number of visitors 4) Name(s) of visitors 5) Location they are visiting 6) State preference for parking area if applicable, you will be accommodated if possible. We prefer that security provide the permit to the visitor(s) at time of arrival in case there have been any adjustments to the parking schedule. If you it is imperative that you mail the permit, you must state this in your email. Visitor Parking is located by the bookstore, to the side of USC and by HPC,  and will be assigned by Security. Visitor Parking Instructions: (Please provide your scheduled guests with the instructions below)

  1. Please enter Lot # 17 on Gibbs Street (MapQuest: 309 E. 2nd St., Pomona, 91766).
  2. Follow Visitor Parking signs to turn right into the visitor parking area by the bookstore.
  3. Please park in the signed “Visitor Check-In, 10 Minute Parking” spot next to the bookstore.
  4. If not approached, please contact the security-parking person on the Esplanade. The security person will have a parking permit and directions available for you.
  5. If for some reason there is a not a security person available, please enter the University Services Center to your left. There is a telephone on the Visiotr information Desk in the lobby that directly connects to Security for your convenience.

Guests Badges: Security will provide Guest badges at the time they greet the guest(s).The guests may return the badges to the department that they are visiting. The department can then return them to the Security desk in the URC via inter-office mail. Last Minute Guests if you find that you have a last minute Guest: Send an email with all information to Parking@westernu.edu (see Process). Call the Security Supervisor @ ext. 3000 and inform him of the arriving Guest(s), name, etc. so they may provide parking service to them. If there is no guest parking available, they must use City Daily Permit (pay) Parking in lot 2-1.

Visitors for Reserved rooms/areas on the Resource Scheduler

Visitors attending a meeting/function in a room reserved on the Resource Scheduler. This information is submitted in the reservation. PROCEDURE Scheduler/Submitter A. Enters parking requirements on the Parking Tab in the Resource Scheduler. 1) Fill out the red (required) boxes, which include the number of guests from OFF CAMPUS only. 2) Check box if this is a weekend reservation. 3) Enter names of guests if requesting parking for 1 – 5. 4) Enter name of function. 5) Select “Submit” button. 6) Verify that you have received an automatic email reply to your request. 6 + Group Parking For 6 or more guests from Off Campus, you will receive instructions from Facilities. For further assistance, please see guest definitions. Please not that during operating hours we are limited to 35 spaces for Visitor parking. Weekend Parking: Please continue to follow the procedures. Parking must still be assigned to monitor parking capacity, etc. Reserved parking is still reserved and not available. Some lots have been restricted by the city so all parking must be submitted and assigned. These parking requests (whether submitted via the “Parking” email or through the “Resource Scheduler”) are automatically distributed to the persons responsible for arranging parking.

It is not necessary to cc anyone else in Security or Facilities.



First Floor    Second Floor     Third Floor & Above
Patient Disabled Reserved PatientDisabled WesternU Parking Permit Holders

University Parking Structure Hours: Winter – 6:15 a.m. to 1:30 a.m. daily from August 1 to May 31 Summer – 6:30 a.m. to Midnight daily from June 1 to July 31 There is no overnight parking available. Patients have priority parking on the 1st and 2nd floors. No one else may park on these floors. Motorcycle parking: There are two marked motorcycle parking spots on the third through seventh floors (by the stairwells). Persons parking without a Western University parking permit or in an area that their permit does not access, will be cited. At the third ticket the vehicle is subject to tow. (This is true for all WesternU parking)


Pet Health Center Parking

If you are taking a pet to Banfield Clinic (or picking one up) there are 3 parking spaces in front of the building marked for this use. If these are full, please use your normal parking. You may also request temporary parking from the security guard stationed at the North/East corner of HPC (Health Professions Center). Please do not park in Lot 2-13 (future #24) (behind the BVCC and the VMC) unless you are an employee with a WesternU employee parking permit. The parking spots marked “Reserved” are assigned parking spaces and are not available for other use.

For additional information please select the links for “Student”, “Faculty & Staff” or “Guest” parking.