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University Services Center Building in Pomona, CA
WesternU / Campus Security / Daily Crime Log and Fire Log

Daily Crime Log and Fire Log

08/02/2022- Stolen vehicle, from 4th/Eleanor PPD notified, report # 22-08-00095. Vehicle located the next day a few miles from campus.


08/22/2022- Stolen vehicle, from lot 24, PPD report # 2208-00939, Hyundai Tucson


08/22/2022- Security officer discovered a broken window at the LRC, 4th floor. Closer inspection, found that a bullet was probably fired into the air and stuck the window on it’s way down (determined by the trajectory of the bullet, going through the window a the blinds). Appears to have happened after hours, while no one was inside.


09/21/2022- Stolen vehicle from First St. West of Palomares, vehicle Hyundai Sonata, reported to PPD.

09/21/2022 Stolen vehicle from Lot 23, vehicle Hyundai Sonata. Reported to PPD.

09/26/2022 Transit walking through on the espalande threatened to stab a student. Student unharmed, suspect walked off campus West bound.