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University Services Center Building in Pomona, CA
WesternU / Campus Security / Daily Crime Log and Fire Log

Daily Crime Log and Fire Log

01/10/2023 -Theft from a vehicle. Student was parked in the parking garage. Unknown suspect entered the and took personal property. Victim was not sure if he locked his vehicle, no damage was observed.

01/26/2023- Residential Burglary, two males entered through a window facing 3rd St. while a female stood by outside as a lookout. Personal items were taken from inside. Pomona PD responded and documented the incident. Daumier staff added a motion light to help prevent this in the future. Case is still ongoing.

02/01/2023- Theft, a motorcycle cover was removed and stolen from Daumier Lot A.

02/08/2023- Attempted Theft of a Motor Vehicle. A female was observed to enter a student’s car parked in lot 17. She was unable to start the car after a few minutes, so she left in a silver Ford Explorer, Ca. License 7TNN668. This information was sent to Pomona PD for follow up. Case is still on going.

03/02/2023- Theft, Catalytic Convertor stolen from Lot B. Suspect Male in a gold van, Ca license 6XVB403. Information passed onto Pomona PD for follow up. Case is still on going.

03/03/2023- Theft, two male suspects driving a black MBZ SUV, parked behind one of our gardener’s trucks. They removed gardening equipment and left W/B on 3rd St.

03/03/2023- Theft- Vehicle in Lot B had 3 hubcaps taken by an unknown female suspect.

03/22/23 Vehicle stolen from First St. E/of Palomares, Hyundai Sonata, PPD Report # 2303-00950. Case is still on going.

03/24/2023- Vehicle stolen from 3rd St. East of Palomares, Hyundai Sonata, PPD Report # 23-024608, recovered 03/25/23.

04/03/2023- Golf Cart Stolen from the Anderson Tower. PPD Report # 2304-004488.

04/08/2023- Theft of a tailgate, Lot A, Victim advised to file a police report.

05/03/2023- Auto Burglary, Lot A, Victim advised to file a police report.

5/18/2023- Vehicle stolen from Lot A, Hyundai Accent taken, PPD report# P2305-00212.

05/21/2023- Burglary, PCC bldg. Two suspects entered the PCC bldg. at 0211 hours and left at 0218 hours. They stole eyeglasses and medical equipment from the EOC. They took deposit bags from different areas. We were able to track their movements to the 777 apartments. We were advised by security that L21 was vacant and had been broken into. We searched the unoccupied apartment and found approx. 70% of the stolen items inside. The suspects are in the process of being identified and we are awaiting Pomona PD to take a crime report. Update- both suspects have been identified, and we are working with PPD Detectives in an effort to obtain arrest warrants. Primary suspect arrest on 06/08/23.

05/23/2023- Burglary, PCC bldg. it appears that one of the suspects from the 5/21/23 incident, returned and took items from the 2nd floor medical area. Pomona PD documented the incident P2305-00997. PPD Detectives aware of both incidents.

06/02/2023- Auto Theft, Lot 24. Staff members car was left overnight because the car wasn’t working correctly. At 2:48 am a dark colored SUV pulled up next to it and a male subject exited and got into the staff members car. He drove a a minute later. Staff member was advised to contact Pomona PD and file a report.

06/03/2023- Burglary, PCC bldg. Three suspects observed to pry open a roof door and make entry. At this point, we are not aware of anything missing. Police were notified and they documented the incident, 23-06-00278, on-going investigation. Suspect’s identified, warrants being sought for their arrest.

06/23/2023- Burglary, PCC bldg. One male suspect pried open a door and went into a storage room. Suspect took a dolly and supplies. Security footage was reviewed, and I observed the suspect later in the day, in the area of the PCC. The suspect was detained and Pomona PD, responded and the suspect was arrested for burglary.

08/14/2023- Theft of gasoline, lot A.

09/06/2023- Auto Theft from First St. West of Palomares. Taken was a 2011 Blue Hyundai Sonata, Ca. plate 7YBL486, Pomona Police report # P2309-00340.

09/13/2023- Strong Armed Robbery, HPC Building. At 7:06am this morning, a male transient followed a student into the HPC building. The suspect went into the Prem-Ready classroom and contacted a male student. The suspect punched and took the students cell phone. The student fought back and tried to run away. Security detained the suspect until Pomona Police arrived. The student was not injured, and his property was returned. The suspect was booked at the Pomona Police Department.

09/29/2023- Vehicle broken into in Lot B. Misc. items taken from inside the car and one tire was stolen. Suspect vehicle a mid to late 2000’s MBZ sedan. Victim encouraged to file a police report with Pomona PD.

10/09/2023- Vehicle broken into in Lot 24. Misc. items taken from inside the car by an unknown suspect. Victim encouraged to file a police report with Pomona PD.

10/14/2023- Vehicle broken into, Lot A Window smash at 4:56 am, subject in all dark clothing, broke a window, but nothing taken.

11/04/2023- Auto Tampering, Lot A. At 5:14pm, male subject driving a White Ford Pickup, tried to force open a door to two Hyundia’s. He was not able to enter either vehicle and he left the area. Both victims encouraged to file a police report with Pomona PD.

11/19/2023- Auto Tampering, Lot A. At 1818 hours, two male subjects attempted to take a KIA Forte. Appears that the subjects got scared off once the car alarm went off. Pomona Police Report # P2311-00832.