The Campus Security Department’s goal of crime prevention is to educate the community on crime prevention techniques and getting everyone involved in crime prevention activities. Together we can reduce the number of crimes in our community and increase the quality of life for everyone.

For questions or tips concerning crime prevention, please email us at

Crime Prevention Forms

Please take a moment and look through the following forms on Crime Prevention:

 Campus Safety and Security Tips  Identity Theft Tips 
 Date Rape – A Power Tip  Pepper Spray on Campus                                         
 Employment/Business Fraud  Putting a Stop to Hate Crime
 The Hidden Crime – Domestic Violence  Safe and Secure in an Electronic World
 How to avoid being stalked on Cyber Space   Suspicious Package Checklist
 Don’t make it Easy – For a Thief to Steal your Wheels  

Classes offered by WesternU

WesternU currently offers an Active Shooter Response Class. If you would like to host a class, please email . Please keep in mind it can take 2-3 weeks for the class to be scheduled.

Active Shooter Response– We require a minimum of 20 participants for a class to be scheduled.