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Associate Professor of Physiology Department of Basic Medical Sciences, COMP studies the synaptic and hormonal determinants underlying the hypothalamic control of energy balance. Photos are in part for the Western Diabetes Institute
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Research Facilities

Our Facilities

Research is conducted either in the community or in a dedicated research lab located about two miles from campus. The college establishes community partnerships with hospitals, private clinics, outpatient and rehab centers, community agencies, and public and private schools to conduct collaborative research. These valued partnerships provide a robust environment in which to gather significant data on those individuals who can benefit the most from the research results. Studies that require state-of-the art equipment such as for balance testing and gait analysis are conducted in the off-campus lab. Other portable equipment, such as US imaging and surface EMG, is available for use in the community partner’s clinical setting.

Gait analysis with College of Health Sciences physical therapy students led by associate chair Dr. Jeffrey Fairley.

Gait Analysis Lab

In the high tech, state-of-the-art Gait Analysis Lab, CHS students work side-by-side with faculty to gain hands-on experience in studying the science of body in walking motion. Other classes in this lab allow for interprofessional experiences and learning (including the College of Podiatric Medicine) that can bring quality of life and a higher level of physical performance.